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This is part two of the on-going series of “50 Most Bizarre Halloween Decor Ideas”. I am sure you all would be loving some stunning Halloween home décor pictures we have specially collected from across the world.

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Halloween is one of the most electrifying holidays of the year for children as well as high-spirited adults. One of the most definitive pleasures for young and old is beautifying and decorating your home for Halloween. You can do it easily, by allowing your fancy lead the way and a good deal can be created within a tight budget, if needed. Pay close attention on how to decorate for the wonderful and scary Halloween.

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Halloween Home Decor

When you have children, you can use all those school Halloween projects from their handcraft classes. Collect them and simply hang them. If possible make a Halloween tree, similar to a Christmas or an Easter tree. You can use construction paper for making jack-o-lanterns, bats, cats, witches, spiders and other ghoulish decorations to place around the tree. Use the entire house and cover all places. You may either use a double sided tape for attaching them or utilize a string to attach them for hanging.

Halloween Home Decorating Ideas_0Scary and Spooky Sound

Spooky sounds are wonderful for setting the mood. Buy a CD from the nearest market or you may even record your own voice in different scary modulations.


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Lighting is essential for setting a Halloween ambience. Use as much candles as you can and combine them with jack-o-lantern; but be careful if you have kids around. Employ all measures for any eventuality. On the other thought, you may even use plastic electric candles as well. If you have spare last year’s Christmas candles then replace their red white bulbs with some dark lights or wrap a dark paper around them to make them dimmed and scary. If you have paint, you may use that too on lights. Add some dark shades like black, as it gives an eerie feeling.

Halloween Layla Palmer-Raven Cut Out_0 Halloween Layla Palmer-Shot Bat Pumpkins_0


Halloween Dummy like Headless Door Keeper

You might have seen already in one of our pictures where we have shown a headless man, welcoming everyone on the door. This is just a dummy with head removed. And surprisingly, I must share with you that making a Halloween dummy is simple and fun, by using some old clothes, boots, a hat; and for some stuffing, use straw or old newspapers. Pose the dummy inside or out for the trick or treating children to see, they love taking a close up peek at such Halloween decorations. You might also consider some spider webs and spiders to hang out at your home as well during Halloween. click here to read full article….


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