Title - Balcony with Two Chairs & Table

When was the last time, you both shared a meal together. My apologies dear “singles”, I am talking to our “couple” friends. I can understand the daily grind of life where it is difficult to catch up on those cozy moments between you two only. Meal is always the best way to keep the intimacy alive. You have the whole house to you, to enjoy the twosome meal but I suggest you make that place cozy for enjoyment. Let’s list down the places at home, you have available to eat – in kitchen, dining room with elaborate dining table, terrace or even seating lounge. But create an atmosphere where you can just enjoy that meal “only for two”.

Dining Table with Candle Light Kitchen Dining Table

All Night Diner

Create a Diner at your home with two bar stools with same height dining table stand with some colorful crockery and glasses like those Inns & Bistros. Perfect for those Sunday brunch for you-two. Place some table mats, some bowls with Knick knacks and large beer mugs and pitcher. Have some 70’s music on, in the back ground and make some steaks and burgers. This atmosphere is difficult to get outside the cozy confines of your own home. I am sure this would work to spark the feelings alive of your courtship days. click here to read full article…


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