Title - Living Room Decor

Do you have a living room which is small? Let’s see if my 12 Home decor suggestions can help you make it look more spacious. These suggestions are divided into 2 part series. This is the first part where we would be looking at 6 suggestions and cover another six in coming up part.

Living Room with Ethnic Side Board

Dear Readers, if you suffer from ‘small living room syndrome’, then we have some solutions for your living room size issues. Try reading all suggestions that I have devised for you. Many of these would help you plan your living room better. There are always ways to make it look and feel bigger and better. You can play with your wall colors, furniture sizes and patterns, and even accessories to make it better organized, so nothing looks over crowded and out of place. You need to make a careful thorough inspection to arrive at some solutions. So let’s look at these suggestions for your perfect living room interior designing like a design professional. Some of these décor suggestions would make you rethink about your living room, so you can make it perfect for you and your family.

Living Room Decor Views Living Room Traditional Decor Views


Don’t Overstuff It With Ottomans

We agree that you need more seating if you have more family and friends but not every time. Please don’t stuff your living room with unnecessary numbers of ottomans. It just gives you a feel of overcrowding. It covers more floor space and makes living room look smaller. read full article just click here….


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