Title - Living Room Wooden Flooring

Every material which makes the house like flooring has seen a metamorphosis from the times of mud floors in the huts to the expensive stone and wooden floorings we get to see every day. Even floorings have changed many patterns from the time we were born and attained adulthood. Like way back in seventies, there were more floor rugs and wall to wall carpeting than what it is today. But rugs and carpets have been an integral part of even our folk tales; we all have read “Aladdin and his Magic Carpet” from Arabian tales.

Kitchen Wooden Flooring & Rug Carpets & Rugs From Our Folk Tales

Carpets have been part of our history and culture from time immemorial. From cultures to civilization, it changed hands and kept getting better and refined. From Indian Durries to Arabian Rugs and Persian Carpets. It is one of the oldest flooring option, which is still used, even today. We believe that first carpets were weaved around 5000 BC, however no one is sure of even these estimates.

Wooden Flooring From Edwardian And Victorian English Eras

Edwardian & Victorian Eras saw emergence of English flooring which also happens to be one of the oldest flooring options. The variety and quality of wooden flooring has been getting better ever since. So this flooring under our feet is actually a part of history and evolution of better human life. Hence, carpets are not the only flooring options which is the part of history.

Ceramic & Stone Tiles

Tiles whether of stone or ceramic have been very helpful flooring options that have been part of many important cultures around Middle East civilizations which not only covered floors but walls and domes as well. Ceramic Tiles were amazing invention which saved walls and domes from extreme weather conditions and kept the inner parts cooler too. Tiles were used from public baths to household kitchens and bathrooms. This style became very popular and even catholic churches started using tiles as flooring options. Tiles have been with us since many centuries across cultures.

Living Room RugStone Flooring Like Sand Stone And Granite

There is no clarity over the usage of stones being used as floorings. Stone is one of the most durable and lasting solution for flooring. With times it has evolved from riverbed stones to concrete flooring with pebbles and then marbles and now to Granite which are highly mirror polished. Stones in different forms and avatars have helped human civilization in building small houses to palaces and indestructible forts. flooring decor ideas

Bamboo Flooring In Modern Times

In contemporary times, modern and environmental friendly flooring options have emerged like bamboo floorings that are natural and quite durable. This can be even insect proof and moisture friendly.

We are living in times, where it is extremely difficult to predict what future would evolve as we are progressing every second; although we hope that we can ask for naturally smart flooring options that changes its floor temperature as per climatic conditions.

Please share your views on the article about emergence of flooring patterns, we would be looking forward to your golden words.

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