Title - IKEA Festival Lights

We all love snowy mesmerizing winters which takes us to celebrations of the year in December.

IKEA Holiday Table Decor

October is the best start to plan for holidays, home remodeling, and Christmas decor and off course extended family get together. The best part about all this is the phase in which you plan everything. Those butterflies in the stomach are quite a thrilling experience. This is the best part of any holiday season.

So IKEA has started off with the holiday season from now on. IKEA has launched a winter collection with holidays in mind with sparkling home decor accessories, bright ferry lights and wonderful textiles and almost anything which you need in the kitchen to make those hearty festival treats for your family and friends.

Santa is coming in December, so if we have to wait for those gifts then wait till December otherwise let’s go and do some shopping with your favorite furniture destination IKEA. Take a moment and see how best you can make this holiday season really special.


It is known that with the abundance of holiday preparations and excitement, a bit of stress is common too. Most of us worry about decorating our homes and throwing flawless holiday dinner parties. Maybe a few of us are even losing sleep over finding the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones.

But what if we stop looking for perfection in the big gestures? And instead focus on capturing the small moments that bring true joy and holiday spirit to our hearts. Because, usually the greatest holiday gifts in the world are not the ones that rest under the tree, waiting to be unwrapped, but the personal little moments that turn into long-lasting memories and precious traditions.


With this year’s winter collection, in two styles, there is something for everyone’s’ special holiday moments. Ranging from decoration to kitchen (and everything in between), it doesn’t matter whether it’s about going nuts with every holiday knick-knack and trinket, or simply lighting an extra candle or two. IKEA welcomes all winter holiday enthusiasts to head start the holiday coziness with us!

IKEA Winter Decor  Wreath IKEA Winter Hanging Decoration



Shedding light on the season, this collection presents the unexpected, the whimsical atmosphere, and simple, yet decorative, winter holiday ambience. Maybe the usual lush green tree is now a sparkling naked branch. Combining shiny and matte surfaces, blonde woods and fresh pastels, this collection has all the ingredients to create new and personal winter holiday traditions.


On the other end of the seasonal spectrum IKEA has presented a collection with a rich, warm and dark style – an indulgence in the classic romance and nostalgia of the special winter holiday feeling. We go back in time and embrace the meeting point of old and new. Inspired by enchanting castles and bold dark tones, we find beauty in the details of antique metals, lacework and engravery.

So don’t wait for Santa to drop the gifts through chimney …grab your gifts now from IKEA.

You may also find an IKEA Winter Holiday Decor Collection Brochure here.


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