Soon after the London Design Festival’s high profile and energetic month, Netherlands is gearing up for the magnificent Dutch Design Week 2015.


In the beautiful Fall-autumn month of October every year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Eindhoven is a major city in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. With a population of over 213,000 people, it’s the fifth largest city of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is hands-down the most inventive city in the world based on one of the most commonly used metrics for mapping the geography of innovation, called “patent intensity.” Every year this wonderful country, formally also called Holland becomes a hub of creativity, design and innovation.

This year again DDW 2015 is taking place from 17-25 October 2015. This major design event in Northern Europe presents work and ideas of more than 2400 designers to more than 250,000 visitors from home and abroad. In more than eighty locations across the city, DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities.

DDW is very diverse from other design events in the world because of its basic concentration on the designs of the future. Although during the event every imaginable discipline and aspect of design is on offer, the emphasis is on experiment, innovation and cross-overs. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent across the design industry. Talented designers wait for Dutch Design Week to showcase their innovative designs.

DDW’s history goes back to the October of 1998. In 1998, the Vormgeversoverleg (a designers collaborative) organized the first Day of Design. Objective: introducing entrepreneurs to designers. The event, which took place annually in Eindhoven, attracted more interest each year and grew exponentially. This journey began with a single day of interaction and then The Day of Design became the Week of Design in 2002. In 2005 the Week of Design got renamed as Dutch Design Week (DDW). This format continues till date although the festivities last for 9 days now.

Dutch Design Week has a simple philosophy that all designers have problem solving capabilities. The mission of DDW is well defined in its 3 pillars – offering a platform to designers irrespective of origin or nationality, offering opportunities to young designers, talent development for tomorrow.

Since 2009 DDW has appointed two parties from the design field to champion Dutch design in general and the week in particular. They fulfil a representative task and utilize their network to create links and provide fledgling designers with a helping hand. This year DDW 2015 has Makkink & Bey and Koert van Mensvoort as its Brand Ambassadors. This year the young talent will get the chance to be mentored by these excellent experts.

In its journey to make the Dutch Design Week, the best in design world, since 2012 every edition had a theme, that general public could relate to and support. These themes are usually futuristic and innovative. The first theme was Enter a Brave New World; 2013 – Now Future; 2014 – UP.

The theme for DDW 2015 is ‘What if…’

From 17-25 October, more than thirty cutting edge artists will be performing at various locations in Eindhoven on the DDW music. As the stage is set for the design indulgence and designers gather The Kingdom of Netherlands, we at The Interior Directory will bring the best design news straight from the bustling city of Eindhoven.

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