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Dinner Parties are a flavor of the season now. With so many festivals now lined up from Halloween to Diwali and then Christmas. The coming months are full of lots of dinners and get together. It’s best to get invited to some dinner party. And, finally it is your turn to host one. There are many things which goes into hosting a great dinner, it starts from varieties, drinks, some lighting and decor, setting up tables, cutlery and crockery; also great ambience and lively atmosphere. We have taken best 2 ideas along with some other details which would help you in great way to design a best party for your friends and family.

Dining Table Decor Views Dining Table Setup


Let’s Start From Start

If you are giving a party to your friends or family, that means there is an occasion. It may be birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, reunions anything. You first need to see and make a list of how many people you have invited, what their dinner and drinks preferences are for the party, are there any kids? Or only couples and what age group?? These all minor details are very important as these would help you in basic preparation for the party. Now take a look at your dining table or room, wherever you are going to host the dinner for them. Is the place sufficient enough for them? Please see and consider, seating is always premium. Do you need to arrange for more chairs or you may combine the place with sofas and armchairs.

We can also suggest you to arrange the party outside in garden, if the weather and style is conducive for the party. It depends actually on the kind of dinner you are hosting- is it formal or informal?

Your favorite items – Now, check your crockery, cutlery and glassware. If you have kids, then mark separate kid’s friendly utensils for them, as kids can’t handle sharp edges and glassware. Take out your stack of napkins also, if not sufficient in numbers then you may opt for paper tissues as well. Get the best quality tissues which has full size like a napkin. This might save you from washing those greasy napkins later.

We would now be discussing some fantastic ways to make this party really happening. You may give it a theme based on cuisine or decor. If you have an informal affair, you may plan for hot dinner theme this season: Mexican Dinner Theme.

Mexican Carnival

As Mexico is famous for its colors, so fill in some colors in you formal dining room to give it a makeover. Mexican dinners are always fun fiesta affairs so plan accordingly. Mexican food taste great and most of the people love that too. Bring in some color with some Mexican curios, some table decor like flowers, some Mexican themed tissues, table cloth, dinnerware etc. This would surely delight your guests and ignite their appetite. You may also bring in some area rugs, artwork and fill the room with some Mexican flavored candles. You would find that in local stores which sells Mexican food ingredients.

This would not only help you in making the dinner special , that would be different from many others but would also delight your guests in enjoying their dinner more.

Formal Dining Table LayoutFormal Dinner Parties

If you are entertaining VIPs like your spouse’s boss or someone in authority, then nothing compares to a gorgeous soiree for them. Even if you are looking for an excuse to only take out your china by inviting someone, soiree is the best get together. Check out matching table cloth with some really good embroidered napkins, make it more formal by tying up with some napkin holders. Arrange a beautiful glass or brass candle stand for the dining table. Buyout fresh new aromatic smokeless candles. Order some fresh low height flower arrangement so there is no distraction while talking during the dinner. Give a good shine to your silver cutlery and check all dinnerware for any chipping of sharp edges. Same ways check out all glassware as well.

Add chargers to your chinaware, if you have. This would add more elegance to your dinner setting. You may also bring in some tall plants inside your dining room, if you have space and decorate them with some ferry lights. The whole room would be illuminated with renewed brightness. dining table design idea

I hope by now you have understood the way, dinner parties should be…so host one and invite me too!!

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