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If you are going for changing the interiors of your house or doing up a new house interiors , just pause for reading my article and see if ancient practise of Feng Shui along with usage of colours can help you in making you house decor more positive and calming . When we decide to do interiors of our house, we normally consider only two things – primarily, our personal choice of colours and another is who else likes this colour in our house. But we need to think again. I am sure after reading this article, you would surely be re-thinking..

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We generally think, that if it is a loving room, it should be white and if that is your daughter’s room, then it should be pink…isn’t it? Have we ever thought how deep colours penetrate into our psyche and influence us subtly? Have we ever given a thought of incorporating principles of Vastu Shastra – Ancient Indian ways of making and decorating your house for perfect harmony with nature and universe, and Feng Shui – Traditional Chinese Science of bringing prosperity at home with usage of idols and ergonomics? So dear readers, in this article we would be learning – Feng Shui can help us….believe me it is more than arranging furniture and putting some ancient Chinese figurines.

Usage of principles of Feng Shui can invite lot of balance, harmony, and good energy to your home. Otherwise many times we feel that whole house is in chaos and low on energy in spite of investing lot of money and decorating it with expensive furniture. We also need to see if usage of specific colours can bring peace at home. Like Green colour on walls promotes vitality for household.

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So let’s see now if we can combine the magic of Feng Shui with colours to create a wonderful house or how it can improve our existing home. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to rediscover balance and beauty in our space. At the same time, Colours are very important in Feng Shui as each colour expresses a different element of nature like wood, earth, fire, water and metal. The perfect balance can only be achieved when all elements of nature are in perfect equilibrium.

First of all, we need to find out the exact location of our house with the compass and try and mark up all directions on the house map. This would help us a lot in long run as well. Like as per Feng Shui, all South facing rooms should focus on fire and wood element colours which are like yellow, orange, red or even pink. So if you have your daughter’s bedroom in this direction, go ahead and paint it pink.

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The major benefit of doing home decoration & interiors as per Feng Shui is not only beautiful looks but also inviting lot of good energy to the house. Adopt a skilled approach towards using colours which would surely bring lot of benefits like health, energy and nourishment to your relationship between housemates.

I presume that people reading this article, belong to that generation who have read Linda Goodman many times to find out about their zodiac and personality based on their signs. Therefore, you know what kind of person you are as per your elements. Suppose you are a Fire Element person and are creative and active then you should avoid water based elements like blue and black mirror. The reason is simple- water puts off the fire. You can take out your element as per your birth year and zodiac sign.

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In the same way, if you have north facing rooms which are most aligned with water element then stick to colours of water like blue and others to maintain peace and serenity. Don’t use earth tones as North facing rooms are most aligned with the water element, which means they should be places of tranquillity. Here, stick to shades of blue and black, and avoid an abundance of earth tones for clash of colours.

If you want my advice on using Feng Shui and related colours for your homes decor then start listening to the inner voice in you. You might be able to converse with your house directly through your inner self. You may see what colours does it need? Every room is different as per Feng Shui, so every room should be given individual attention, in order to get the best energy from that space. Each direction of your house need to thrive so give them their best colours. Now, when you know about these rules & benefits of Feng Shui, go ahead and experiment with these colours and bring positivity to your homes.

Hope you would have liked this feature on usage of Feng Shui for home decor. Stay tuned at this space, we would be getting you the second part of this series in which we would be talking about the benefits of Indian Science of Vastu Shastra for Home Decor and remodelling.

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