9 Ways To Manage The Kids Room

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For all those people, who have been blessed with naughty kids, only they know how cluttered kids rooms are. Mothers with normal beating hearts can’t enter their rooms, where you always come across scattered books, toys, pillows, food trays, sports gadgets in every possible corner of the room. We have jotted down some suggestions after talking with (super) parents, who have been successful in managing their kid’s room well & maintained. Let’s learn these secret tricks. These are some child friendly storage options which would give you breathe of fresh air…..and you would be surprised how easy it was to trim the clutter from your kid’s room.

Kids Room Box Storage Bunk Bed With Storage Options

There are many attractive bed options which comes with easy built in bunk storage boxes. This reduces the great possibility of buying another dresser too for kid’s room. It’s better if we invest in beds that come with readymade storage boxes. This would also leave a lot of space for kids to play in their own room and you might not be needed to run after them around the house. Or you can also customize their beds with built-in drawers, if you are getting a custom made bed for them.

Bed With Bookcase

If you have a child who is totally into books and comics, then you may buy a bed with bookcase headboard or double duty storage bed which comes with such options. This gives you built in cabinets and storage options for books etc. Otherwise you may even store their toys as well in that space. Bed with bookcases also looks good and gives you a place to neatly display your favorite items on the shelves. A child would also learn to manage his book shelf on his own.

Corner Bed

You may also plan to keep the bed into the corner after careful planning. It gives you dual advantage, one – your child is safe from one side of the wall if there is no support on the bed and another- you save lot of space in the room. You may maximize the room area usage by opting for corner beds. Either you can get the custom made bed or you may buy after looking and measuring your place well in advance. Pick the corner and measure both the walls keeping in mind the space required to open the cupboard doors.

Bed For Sleep – Storage – Study

Now, this is jackpot. If you can buy such a bed or get it custom made then nothing like this organized, super piece of furniture. This multifunctional bed, options from sleep, storage and study table in-built. But this requires lot of space too. If you opt for a small size in this, then there is an obvious possibility of the need to change it as soon as your child grows up and doesn’t fit in. This is the best buy in my advice for any kid’s room.

Kids Room Decor Kids Room Desk & Crib


Kids Room Study Desk

In case you already have a storage but the books are scattered all around the room, then its best to bring in a study desk – preferably with book case attached to it. This would help children in managing their books at one place and they would study also on the desk. This becomes a great study corner for him.

Drawer Cabinet

There is never enough storage in kid’s rooms. It’s best to have a chest of drawers with well labelled goods compartments; so kids don’t have to search for their clothes and create a whole lot of mess to their Cupboard. Daily use clothes can be stored in these labelled compartments so that children don’t mess around the Cupboard.

Tech Savvy Desk

If you have a tech savvy kid, then have one desk which has all connections and plugs for his computer and other gadgets. With such a desk, he doesn’t need to move around the house for plug ins.


Have some spare storage baskets which can be pushed inside Amirah and under the bed. These small wooden or cane baskets provide lot of space and store toys, clothes, shoes, spare books, DVDs etc.

Storage Of Sports Equipments

It is the most difficult task to store away the sports equipment’s and this comes with lot of dirt and dust. It’s better to store them as a rule in mud rooms. In case you don’t have mud rooms, then mark a storage area which is specifically for these only. So that the dust and dirt doesn’t spoil the other items at home. Preferably, these storages have to be at the entrance if and incase of less space, in the less used balconies or sunrooms.

Hope you have liked these suggestions, I am sure some of them would surely help you in making your kid’s room better managed. Happy Re-arranging !!!

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