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When ‘We’ are young and also not staying with family. Then, we opt for small living spaces. One it saves lot of cost on buying and maintaining a space and another you simply don’t need big spaces, which makes you feel like “left out from world”. With this article we would try giving you some advises and suggestions from our own experiences, when you feel, that your bed is like an aero plane parked in a car garage

So if you have a squeezed space, you may choose just-right furnishings as per the space which would make all the difference between making your home comfortable or being overcrowded. There are many furniture pieces available in the market which can make all the difference like shelves, acrylic chairs etc., so just see if these 10 pieces would have you win the “space war” at home.

Home Office Desk in BedroomAcrylic Chair

As I told you, this is the newest piece of wonderfully looking contemporary furniture, which fits well in most of the households and with every kind of decor too. It is an excellent choice for small spaces and slowly becoming a “must have” piece of furniture. You may stack them one over another and tuck them into a corner if you don’t need them or use them as balcony chair or dining chair. Go and buy one set for your house now. You would thank me always.

Wall Shelves

The best thing about wall shelves is, it can go horizontal as well as vertical, comes in many colors, you can even make your own wall shelves as per your decor from drift wood to even pellets. You don’t need to choose many things, just take whatever is available in the market. Try and make a spectrum of different shelves and make a mosaic on the wall. This would become a master piece in itself rather being only a shelf. You may use them on living room walls and even in kitchens. Shelves are always multipurpose. Get them and use them, you may carry them to any house, these would always work.


Many a times, I have seen people using a mirror as an accent piece in living room, bedroom, or even in hallways or entrance ways. A mirror always works and is an integral part of any decor. If you don’t have any space for full size dressing – vanity table, opt for one large mirror and use it for various reasons as I have told you. Mirrors also helps you making the size bigger and better, it reflects the light and makes the room brighter too. Just take care of the positioning of the mirror from window to direct source of light, so you don’t get glare in your eyes. The reflection should always be away from eyes.

Podium Table

Tables always work. Try and buy some small podium tables with small leg space that fits into a corner easily. Try and opt for round table, so there are no sharp edges which damages the wall or corners. You may buy the set of three small tables as well, which makes a best buy, and use them differently across the house. If you don’t need either of them, you may stack them back together. It saves lot of space.

House Stool Set

Just because you don’t have room for bulky armchairs and a giant sofa, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a need for ample seating. One solution is to tuck a stack of stools in a corner — when extra guests pop by, you can simply unstack the stools. Short stacking stools, like those seen here, are even more versatile than tall stools since they can be used as side tables as well as extra seats.

Small Armchairs

We all love and adore armchairs. They add lot of ‘wow’ factor to any living room; but when we are constrained for space then we don’t cramp it anymore with big stately armchairs. Bulky chairs takes lot of space and looks out of place too in small spaces. You may also opt for armless chairs but with upright back that comes in good fabrics and upholstery. These chairs also add lot of value to space. Pair it with small console table and your stately living room or lounge is ready.

Living Room SetteeSettee

Settee is one of those furniture pieces which has been in fashion from last many decades and still going strong. Settees makes for a cozy seating and are quite spacious too. You may pair them with your sofas, and even love-seats. If not suitable for living room, then use them in bedroom as footrest to your bed or otherwise keep it aside for just sitting and changing clothes.

Mini Desk

Don’t discount small desks. Many a times these small desks work as bedside table or even as support system in kitchen. This desk cum table has various functions throughout the house and works well for small apartments and studio apartments that are more like bachelor pad. You may even use this as your small bar table for weekend parties.


Bench with no back, makes for an excellent choice for dining area, living room, entrance way or even seating lounge. It can be tucked under tables which saves lot of space. Low bench can also be doubled as coffee tables and you may use them as sitting bench when your chairs are outnumbered by more guests. So my advice: keep one handy at home. You may also take one bench with storage. This might give you an added advantage of storage.


Cutest pieces of furniture, even they sound lovely….so there are many options in Poufs to choose from…from leather, fabrics to even seagrass. Poufs are must have for any small home. You may use them as foot rest, small sitting option and even a side table to your sofa or arm chair. Take care to top it up with a tray for keeping utensils.

So my dear friends, if you happen to live in small spaces like I do….some of these pieces are a blessing. Write me back please with you can’t-live-without-them pieces. I would be happy to share your story with our readers.

Eternal Bachelor

Eternal Bachelor

If someone in this world, can give you the most quirky advice of single staying places & its décor culture, that has to be our Eternal Bachelor. He is happily single & tells everyone to follows his steps. Whether you follow him for being single or not, but do follow him for his best suggestions on Interiors of Bachelor’s Den – Man’s Cave – Fairy Pad etc.


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