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After a little while, if we have been staying in the same house for long, many places in our house looks like a storage place, rather than their original intended usage. The prime most example is Bedroom. It always seems like a long drawn task to create a restful sanctuary for you to unwind and sleep. It is entirely upto us, how we create and recreate the space for our comfort. It is certainly not as hard as we think. I think it is all about breaking the mental barriers and traditions while going extra mile to ensure that you get a comfortable & beautiful bedroom. Here are my best 8 suggestions for you to try and see….what works best for you…

Bedroom White Cabinet

1. Match the Size of Nightstands:

In case you have liked and chosen a big king size bed, then its best to go for big night stands as well. There are two things, small night stands won’t look good with big king size bed and they offer a better storage options too; that you would certainly require. These night stands maximizes the space as well. You may opt for small dresser instead in case you face issues of space afterwards. But same size night stands are a must.

2. Get Nightstands with Drawers:

Always try and buy nightstands with drawers. There are many things which you require on urgent basis, this way nightstands with drawers always comes handy. It might range from your books, overnight face creams, some other vanity items, mobile charges etc. Try and also opt for the wall light instead of having the lamp on your nightstand. It saves lot of space and looks good too. This also eases the space when you need to clean up etc.

3. Different storage options with Beds:

It’s always better to decide about the storage options along with the bed buying only. Different bed comes with different bed storage options. King size bed comes with large storage options if you are going for the box type bed. But in case you don’t have space for king size bed then opt for queen size bed, with bed box storage. In case you have an existing bed but it doesn’t have any storage option then buy some flat storage baskets or containers, which you can slide underneath the bed. This would also save you lot of space. You can hide them too with custom made bed coverings.

title - Bedroom Side Storage with Mirror

4. Love Your Built-in, Customizable units :

While doing the designing of the house, we often leave little space for bedroom storages. Bedrooms are always short of space. It’s better that we opt for smart built-in which would also eliminate the need for other furniture. This would take full advantage of the space and would get you what you were looking for. Investing in a smart built in is worth every dime. Additionally you would also get the customized look for your own designed space.

5. Era Of Match-Making is over :

Many people look for matching bedroom furniture sets. When everything is in one shape and color, it brings lot of monotony to the bedroom decor. Apart from being monotonous, it lacks variety too. Your visitors or family might also think that you haven’t bought these items specifically to your bedroom but got them fitted in as those were from a bedroom set. Since every piece is same so people are bound to think like that. In my views, it ends up crowding the place. As we have discussed earlier in this article that you might need to buy big nightstands and small dresser for creating a better storage option. But if you buy a bedroom set, then you won’t have that option available to you any longer.

6. Cut the Clutter :

If you haven’t needed something in last two years, probably you won’t be needing that anymore. So trim the clutter from your bedroom as and when you get a chance. Throw away old magazines, extra bottles, not used vanity items, old hangers and some very old fashioned clothes too. Keep a small size bin always handy in the bedroom to deal with day to day garbage. Try and keep the room always tidy. This would make you fall in love with your room again and again.

Bedroom Chest of Drawers

7. Clean Clothes Makes Bedroom Cleaner :

Not all of us are blessed with the maid and assistance at home, so out of tiredness and laziness we just throw the clothes on bed, chair, chaise or even chest. After a while it looks like a mountain which is impossible to climb. So the date to fold the clothes back keeps shifting to another day. There are many ways to deal with it, one of the best way is to use an open storage option. These keep clothes off the floor and also unwrinkled. It saves us a lot more time too.

8. Introduce some timeless Vintage Furniture :

Many furniture items never go out of fashion, rather they make a comeback after regular intervals. Try and buy some vintage multi-functional pieces with drawers and compartments. You may use them for keeping many items like your vanity items, jewelry etc.

I am sure you would surely find some merit in these suggestions. So adopt some and try some, to make your bedroom a true sleep sanctuary. Don’t forget to write me back with your reviews….I would be waiting ….!!

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