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We all talk about Interiors, Decor & Designing etc. all through our days but seriously I feel that deciding how to decorate your home can be a daunting task. Some people look for inspiration in the pages of interior & decor magazines, or the colours of a favourite painting & artworks, even the pattern of a carpet or curtain fabric. Then there are tricky questions of how to find an overall style? What shapes of furniture to chose and how to arrange it to so that the layout of a room is stunning, cosy and comfortable (all at the same time) but still spacious and easy to more around? All these things make it difficult to know where to start with your interior journey?

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There are tricks of the design trade and all sorts of information available on interior websites and through interior designers and decorators, but the aim of our blog “The Interior Directory” is to simplify and structure the basic principles of design so that they are easy to follow, whether you are starting a scheme from scratch or reinventing an existing space of your own office or home.

As you gather design ideas it is helpful to put them in a file or folder, especially pages taken from interior magazines showing the particular drape of a curtain or piece of bedroom or living room furniture you like, plus swatches of wall paint colours or fabric that might work for your decoration ideas. Also carry the specific note pad in which to keep useful phone numbers, colour references and lists that you can tick or amend as you progress with the project.

Good design achieves a sense of place, somewhere with an interesting and memorable appearance. This can be done by highlighting features, using colour effectively and careful arrangement of furnishing and accessories. As with fashionable clothing the most successful “looks” are achieved by mixing and matching brands and labels, as well as things that are old and new. I would take the liberty to say that the same principle applies for home decoration too.

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A complete, head to toe designer outfit will be memorable for the designer label rather than person wearing it, but if you customise the outfit with your own accessories and mix in a different shirt or belt, then the outfit will take on your look rather than that of a designer. The same rule applies when decorating a room, it is how you interpret and adapt a scheme that makes it unique & matchless to you.

Don’t be intimidated by the vast array of choices and the mass of information available. At least in interior designing – ‘less the better is the rule’. It is only a matter of editing it down until you find what suits you, and remember you don’t need to be wildly bold & daring to make an impact. Subtle shades, humble furnishings and few well placed accessories can be effective while creating a calm, comfortable and relaxing home.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird

Humming birds are adorable, colorful birds with iridescent feathers and truly some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.Tiny, pugnacious, and jewel-like, Humming Birds are pretty easy to attract to a garden and fun to have around. Same ways, she is our most petite & wonderful contributor to some of the most amazing Home decor & Interior Articles. Her articles are always around small things which makes the best impact to any decor theme and theory…You may follow her.


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