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Many of us are lucky to be blessed with front yard garden and some of us are luckier to have an additional full-fledged Backyard to our houses. The backyard is an integral part of our house and it’s very important that we keep this beautiful and maintained at all times. Some of us have bigger spaces whereby we can even have swimming pools, tennis court or basketball court but many of the backyards are always used for raising flowers and garden besides having outdoor lunches and fall autumn bar be que parties with family and friends. Most of us like to actually practically move their living rooms out-doors to the back garden for relaxation purposes. So we thought of giving you some valuable garden tips if you would like to make an interesting backyard garden a pride of your home.

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Choosing Best Plants & Trees For Backyard

Choose the plants that best suit your back garden. For instance, if your back garden is small in size, go for those plants that will help to enlarge the space without making it look over crowded. Plants like trellis and vines that tend to grow over the fence covering it could be an interesting back garden idea. This makes the garden look bloomed and green always. It is advisable to ensure that you chose plants that can be easily paired with others. The plants should not be the type to become too big when they grow, as this will cause overshadowing; making the garden look unkempt.

Backyard Garden Seating FurniturePotted Plants

Using potted plants can also be a great back garden idea for your garden. Potted plants best fit into back gardens as the plants can be easily swapped to suit any season of the year. Potted plants can anytime be rearranged when you need to change the pattern and look of flowers like when you have an evening soiree you can easily decorate your garden with different potted plants at different corners with some candles and tea light holders. Same ways when you have a get together in the house, you can bring you garden indoors to bring that tropical effect to your décor. It would not only add a green effect on your decor but would bring some lovely nice flowery smell to your indoors.

Vegetable Garden

Transforming your back garden to a vegetable garden can also be a beautiful back garden idea. Growing different fruits and vegetables in your back garden can make the area look beautiful as well as worthwhile. You would always be at an advantage to get the best & freshest produce from your own garden. Vegetables like kales and spinach and fruits like tomatoes can make a back garden look lovely. It is therefore wise to think beyond the usual and settle on perfect back yard garden ideas that will please you beyond doubt in your garden.

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Gardner

Green Green All Around…All the Greenery Year Around. That’s the motto of our most accomplished green garden contributor Mr. Gardner. His mind blowing knowledge on nature and maintenance of gardens is unparalleled in the whole world. Do follow him to get the best of your gardens& landscapes.


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