Kids Room Colorful Decor

From bedtime stories to playtime, sharing a room can be a great experience for siblings. The real challenge is how to create a space that is functional and reflects both of your kids’ personalities. This is a task not just in a home with a boy and girl but also with boys only or girls only home. Surprisingly, it’s more complicated with children of same gender. Their personalities become more competing with each other. Most studies suggest that the compromise level in same gender kids is lesser than the opposite gender siblings. It then becomes the test for the parents to help them evolve their individual personalities without overshadowing each other. This task starts from their bedroom itself. Let’s understand ways and ideas to tackle this demanding situation.

Kids Room Boys Blue Decor More Space

Can’t get your kids to agree on a decorating theme? Bunk beds offer a clever way to make each child feel right at home. If painting’s not your forte, use vinyl decals to create your mural.

Bunk beds are great for shared spaces, since they give you two beds in the space of one, but we really appreciate how they bring the eye upward to make the room feel more spacious. And when you opt for a set with built-in storage, you can save even more space, since you won’t need a second dresser. As a bonus, some bunk beds can be separated into two twin beds when your kids outgrow their current setup. (Trust me this happens quicker than you even realize).

More Balance

Mixing finishes from a single collection will let your little ones personalize their space. By getting your kids involved with decorating, the result will be a room they’ll both be proud of.

Beds placed side by side will give each of your kids a space to call their own. The decorator in us loves this arrangement for the balanced look it lends to the room, while our parenting side appreciates the independence it allows each child. With this setup, storage beds are always an option for extra drawer space. You can even try placing two taller bedroom chests next to each other to echo the symmetry of the beds.

Kids Room Green & Blue DecorMore Peace

Kids’ rooms are more than just a place to sleep. They’re a place to play, do homework and just relax. In a shared bedroom, it’s important to give each child their own space—especially if you want to keep the peace in your home. Plus, if your kids don’t have a comfortable place to do schoolwork, it may not get done at all. The balance in your kids’ room will help you maintain peace & harmony in your own life.

Do More

Sometimes you have to get creative to fit two desks into one room. This back-to-back arrangement makes the most of limited wall space and helps each child stay organized. kids room decor idea

If your kids enjoy reading, they’ll love curling up with a classic in their own reading corner. Armless chairs are always a great choice for bedrooms, thanks to their minimized profiles.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird

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