Indoor Home Garden Potted Plants

An attractive house is a dream for most people who love to live their lives to the maximum in them. We all need a sanctuary where that serene environment not only catches the eye because of its beauty, but also it purifies the environment around it. Having that desirable indoor garden design is not that easy to achieve especially when one does not have an idea about indoor garden designs. So let’s know something more about indoor garden ideas.

Many of us want to stay indoors but at the same time, we also want to be in touch with our outdoor surroundings. We want to touch the environment as well. This has been made possible through having a carefully designed house or office interior courtesy the modern technology in indoor garden designing. Plants planted inside the room or office not only adds to the internal décor but also purifies the air while at the same time keeping the room always cool and fresh.

Indoor Home Garden Views Indoor Home Garden


We should accept the fact that most of us stay in apartments. After staying in the apartments we realize that space is luxury, so we accept the fact that we cannot have garden in apartments; however with this thought also, we cannot stop loving nature. An apartment surely lacks space for outdoor garden but with growing technology we can even have gadgets like plant growing fridge to grow plants and food at the same time without having to worry about leaving them without water for some days as the fridge will be in control of most of the basic needs. This is possible today. We just need to look for them and surely should have a budget to afford them.

We should also consider the fact that we should not over-crowd the space with plants. We must also know about the plants we want and the plants that can actually survive the indoor atmosphere. This knowledge would help us plan their rotation as per season and also the look we desire. For instance, spider plants or snake plants are absolutely outstanding when it comes to indoor garden as they grow well in relatively hard conditions. Indoor garden designing can be enhanced by the container style that one uses. A water fountain site outside an office or a home is a cool site for nature lovers. Having an indoor water fountain can also be an appealing element for you all the time. A star pendant lamp overhead an indoor garden design will give it that subtle seasonal sparkle which is a darling to many. So, I would advise all of you to surely go for your own indoor garden however small it may be, as it is going to give you the same amount of pleasure that a big garden can give.

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Gardner

Green Green All Around…All the Greenery Year Around. That’s the motto of our most accomplished green garden contributor Mr. Gardner. His mind blowing knowledge on nature and maintenance of gardens is unparalleled in the whole world. Do follow him to get the best of your gardens& landscapes.


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