Title - IKEA Leather Lving Room Sofa

When it comes to simple design solutions ranging to the most luxurious design solutions, leather furniture should win best all-round honor. It’s very stylish versatile, comfortable and durable! So, whether you adore that antiqued, aged look or want something more sleek and modern, you’re sure to find leather pieces that will fit your life and your style.

IKEA Dark Leather Sofa for Living Room

We love how leather makes a room feel lavish. Its fine craftsmanship evokes luxury and sophistication.

But make no mistake—leather’s super comfy, too! So if you’re trying to create a relaxing retreat, try an oversized leather living room set with a worn-in leather jacket look. It’s so inviting! Or, if you only wanting a little leather, opt for a casual leather ottoman accent piece. Your guests will love putting their feet up and getting comfortable. And don’t worry about having those feet on your furniture—when it comes to durability, nothing withstands wear and tear better than our macho leather!

I have been on this challenging task of understanding this material and have gathered some notes for you to know the grains of this wonderful material:

  • Full Grain This soft, supple leather is desirable because it features the hide’s natural markings, making each piece completely unique.
  • Top Grain This pigmented leather is the top portion of the split hide. The original grain is removed and the surface is sanded and refinished to produce a consistent grain pattern.
  • Corrected Grain Imperfections found in the natural grain of this leather are buffed out for a uniform look, and then an artificial grain is applied.
  • Bicast This easy-to-clean leather features a smooth, shiny, protective polyurethane finish that will give your room affordable luxury.
  • Semi-Aniline This leather has been dyed with a small amount of pigment for color consistency, allowing the hide’s unique characteristics to shine through. A thin finish is applied to improve resistance to wear and light.
  • Full-Aniline Typically reserved for the best full-grain hides, full- or pure-aniline leather is dyed completely through without a surface pigment to impart color. It has a soft, natural feel since it has no corrective finish. living room design idea

Black Leather Sofa

Thinking Beyond Brown….
If you love the look of leather but crave a little color, try it dyed in a hue like ivory, sky blue or red—it’ll really liven up your room.

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Eternal Bachelor

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