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The very first requisite for any interior decor project is to find a suitable place, where you would like to start your project; and then working accordingly, like finding a Focal Point of your room decor. The second big step that comes into play is to look for the perfect furniture as per our theme. Now, with this step don’t think that your job is over and everything would fall into place automatically. The time has come for finishing touches. Let’s rephrase this as a final layer step. The place is now ready for some accessorizing which depicts our true personality. This is your own place so don’t set any rules. Just follow what your heart desires. The only limitation to your thoughts is your decor theme. Whatever accessory you bring in, just don’t deviate from your overall design theme. This would enhance the look and feel of your interiors multi fold.

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Dining Room in Kitchen Art Is The Best Start

Beautiful artwork brings lot of life to the place. Even a good art work can be a focal point of your room as we have discussed this in “Finding a Focal Point of your Decor article series”. You may take color cues from the art work only and design a room around it. Make sure your art work is displayed at an eye level, which should be crossing about 5.5 feet from the ground level so even an average heighted person can see and appreciate it fully. Try and put some accent cabinet or chest of drawers under the wall along the wall. This would enhance value of the art work and visual appeal too. Get a good focus lighting arranged for the art work before you display. The focus lighting plays an important role in enhancing the value of art work.

Remember, you have chosen to make an impact through your displayed art so don’t let it downgrade by bad wall texture. Prior to displaying your art, do a careful inspection of your wall and then take a right step. Remove all the patches, holes etc. before the art comes on to the wall. You may also make it a gallery style by combining various art pieces together if you have. It is quite an attention grabbing way. Guests would not be able to stop themselves from coming near to this wall and envying your possessions.

Dining Table in Kitchen Eclectic Cushions in Living Room Sofa


Hanging Tips

Frame Work

Interior Designers use frames of various sizes and shapes to bring some eclectic patterns to the room decor. Frames don’t need to match, they can complement each other or highlight each other by being small to gigantic. Not all frames should have some pictures or art work, you can even be creative enough to use beautifully painted frames without any pictures. Try and bring a balance between the frames and texture which you use, unless you are going for eclectic decor theme. Harmony between textures and accessory pieces like empty frames is quite necessary to bring balance in your room decor.

Floor Planning Of Your Art Work

Sounds Bizarre when you hear it first. But floor planning of your art work is actually, creating the proposed wall layout of your art work, before being put up on the wall. Carefully arrange the layout and spend some time in doing and redoing the same. Once you are absolutely clear of the look and feel of the same layout, then only execute the same. This would also give you an idea about the perfect place to hand this art work within your house.

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Craft Paper Wall Layout

If you think that your art work is precious or fragile, which cannot be experimented with, on the floor. Then, the best way is to make the small size configurations of the same art work. Cut out the templates and arrange them to get the best layout ideas. It is one “Wall Friendly Advise” from

Eye Flow

Universally, it is accepted that art works should be displayed about 5.5 feet to 5.8 feet in height from the ground. This gives the best eye view of your art work, unless it is gigantic in stature. Try and also place a chest of drawers or other accent furniture piece underneath the art work to highlight the art work, but maintain about six inches all gap between the edges of the furniture and art work to ensure that art work is your focal point.

Living Room Interior Decor Wall Paper in Bedroom


Balanced Wall Space For Art

If you are blessed with beautiful long wall space, then create imaginary sections on the wall. You may draw imaginary sections and lines of your wall and all placements of art works, accent pieces, frames and decorative wall hangings should be in accordance to those sections. This process would bring lot of balance to your wall decor and nothing would feel out of place on the wall. Same ways if you have a vacant vertical space near your window, door and entrance, then create an imaginary square on the wall and arrange your art works inside the same. Nothing would feel out-balanced.

Lighting As Per Mood

Ceiling lights like recessed and decorative fixtures are a great help for lighting up the place, but you would also find them very impersonal as their effect is quite intense. If we would like our home decor to be more inviting then we need to go soft in our lighting elements. We may install dimmers on lights, or rely solely on some milky or beige lighting when you want to entertain or relax. Their warm glow will create a cozy ambience and guests would feel relaxed and soak into those mellow lighting effects.

The designers and home owners should also consider that it is upto us to showcase our style and decor. We may add lamps, designer lights, dimmers, sconce which suits our style. It should complement your color story and design theme. You may bring in some candle lights as well to bring that softening glow to your theme. Candles always brings warmth to decor style.

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