title - Fall Garden Decor

We all want to have such a garden which becomes the talking point of entire neighborhood, especially in Fall. Our perfect manicured trees stand over lovingly maintained green grass bed with lot of Humming Birds chirping and sight of lovely butterflies. We would love to spend entire day here if we could create such a lovely garden.

Having said that now, why don’t we add some touches to our garden and try & use some decor essentials for sprucing up. Garden and lawn decor can make a splendid statement about our house and provide lot of excitement to our landscape. Lawn décor is like finding an oasis amidst the desert, which also makes lovely gifting option for any garden lover.

There are so many stores starting from our own neighborhood which stores and sells quality garden and lawn décor items. Although, sometimes we all can use some really unexpected items which adds lot of zest to our efforts and get those admiring looks from our neighbors and friends.

Here, I would like to suggest, that you plan a visit to local flea market on any of the coming weekends and look for some really unusual quirky pieces for lawn décor. Antique items, busts, stone animals are always a popular choice and can be a great addition to our landscape. You may also find something stack up in your attic, so take it out and place it at an advantage point. Advantage point is the one which comes straight into vision, when one enters your garden. So utilize this and spruce it up first.

Now that you are ready to make your garden – the best garden in the entire neighborhood; let’s see what else we can do:

Let’s add some pieces like bird baths to invite our happy feathery visitors. It would add life to our garden and would make it more interesting.



We can add lot of planters of different sizes to create a dramatic landscape. Buy some stone, terracotta, colored and unusual sizes pots and containers. This would give lot of shape to your garden.

If we don’t have any garden entrance then we can use two pots of same sizes which can work as grand entrance way. Try and use some big growing trees to give Victorian effect. We may even fill them with some vines to make it more like a love nest.

To add some focal point to create an eye catching effect, we should add some water body or fountain. Container water gardens provide the lovely pitter patter sound of running water, which may attract lot of interest to your garden promptly.

Bells and Wind chimes are an inexpensive items but lasts every long, plus this is good from Feng Shui point of view too.

We should plan some flowers or trees which lasts the whole season throughout the year, so at any point in time, the garden is full of greenery.

Now, we should look for these small things around and place them at appropriate places to create that effect. Take a minute to have a last look & examine if everything is placed well and not restricting the free movements which is very necessary as well. I also advise you to adhere from overcrowding the space. Rather, add some pieces to enhance charm and love to your garden.

As it is rightly said many times, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. You should be the first to get charmed from your garden as it is your own space. You should be the first one to get inspired from that place very day. If you are impressed with your own efforts then others would be impressed too. I am sure…. So, guys Happy Gardening this Fall.

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Gardner

Green Green All Around…All the Greenery Year Around. That’s the motto of our most accomplished green garden contributor Mr. Gardner. His mind blowing knowledge on nature and maintenance of gardens is unparalleled in the whole world. Do follow him to get the best of your gardens& landscapes.


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