title - IKEA Blue Kids Room for Boys

There is always something up with our kids. They always ask for one thing at one moment and another thing, another moment. During day to day juggling of work and kids we often forget that their room also requires same attention as other parts of our house does. So guys let’s now walk upto their room and find out if their room is asking for makeover now? Today I have brought you some sweet design suggestions which would give a facelift to their rooms and your kids would go crazy about their quarter. So proud parents now let’s start taking down those cartoon & pop star posters and give these rooms some style.

If you have two kids and they share a room, then it’s bound to be a decor mess, especially when you have a daughter and son sharing a room due to space constraint. You can’t give a theme to their room as they would always fight over each other’s likes and dislikes with typical blue versus pink decor.

Let’s plan some unique theme which brings out the best in opposite themes.

Opposite Day & Night Theme

Just think harder where does the opposite look at their best, that can be adopted as a decor theme but at the same time, the decor theme should be such where your kids can also express their individual styles in this joint room. I have an idea why not start with the most basic of the room furniture item: Bed. We can have contrasting beds and let them have fun with all colorful accessories. You may even ask them to choose some neutral colors like Yellow, Green or even Aquamarines rather than choosing traditional theme like pink or blue. You may even ask them to swap their decor theme to each other after some time which would bring lot of new interest even in their color thinking. Life can be fun, only when we start thinking out of the box and start finding answers within our means, isn’t it?

Playfully Sunshine Yellow And Dusky Gray

Sun would always shine and bring lot of goodness to our lives, and dusk would always bring the mystery of night. Dusk is Grey and yellow and grey can be combined to show the most playful opposites. I just love the way they look in kids’ spaces. In a girl’s bedroom, this combo offers softness and sophistication that will last her for years. To complement the grey tones, try white or even black furniture; white will add sophistication, while black will appear more contemporary. kidsroom decor ideas

IKEA Pink Kids Room Decor for Girls Trendy Teenage Room Decor


Teen Age Dreams

We all have gone through this sweet age and aspire to be and have the best in life in those years. Now when you know this already that your teenager wants to be independent, so why not provide a space to do just that? Create mini zones throughout your teen’s bedroom for doing homework and hanging out with friends (believe me- it’s going to be a regular feature – combined study sessions-pajama parties etc. and never ending list). When you transform their room into the coolest zone, not only your own kid but their friends would also regard you as the coolest parents. I am sure this is going to work on strengthening your parent-child bond as well.

Cute Pink Dreams

When we raise kids, we all experience that one day they like pink, second day they might shift their choice over purple and following day some other. So today, your little princess adores pink, but her tastes are sure to change as she grows up. You could always use simple floral patterns and bring in some sequined like shine to give her room a fairy feminine touch. But if her heart is on pink, try deeper tones which might grow with her over her growing years. It’s best to guide her by showing her different hues and telling her the difference in those accents.

Humming Bird

Humming Bird

Humming birds are adorable, colorful birds with iridescent feathers and truly some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.Tiny, pugnacious, and jewel-like, Humming Birds are pretty easy to attract to a garden and fun to have around. Same ways, she is our most petite & wonderful contributor to some of the most amazing Home decor & Interior Articles. Her articles are always around small things which makes the best impact to any decor theme and theory…You may follow her.


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