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It is rightly said many times by all legendary architects and Interiors Designers that Living Room is the face of your house. You spend maximum amount of your time with family & friends in Living Room only. It is hardly any guess that everyone leaves their stuff there and eventually you have a pile of stuff waiting to be cleaned from the Living Room. It might range from gaming boards, TV remotes, CDs, toys, Magazines, Laptop covers etc., sometimes even a pieces of bedding like blanket. All these items really create a clutter around the place. Thankfully, now a days we have smart storage systems which provides an ease to life and we can stack all these items very neatly for timely usage.

Living Room Shelf Storage Tables Are A Great Help For De-Cluttering:

Tables With Lift Off Option

Lift Top tables are a great pieces, you can store anything to everything underneath the table top. Start from your remotes, extra books, table mats, glass coasters etc. It is a great hideaway option for your things which might be giving a cluttered look to your room.

Behind Closed Doors

Tables with closed storage are every housewives’ best friend. These tables are a great help in stacking away toys, books, files, crockery items, cutlery, glasses etc., when you don’t need them. Tables with closed doors are always easier to work with as no one can see your items when it is closed inside. You may even teach your kids to store their toys and other usable items inside the Almirah when they are not playing with them.

Chest Of Drawer

Chest of drawers is the timeless piece of furniture. You can make it very stylish and useable too. These storage options offers different sizes of drawers with impressive space inside for your clothes, even blankets, daily household items etc. Use them as much as you can. You may bring is some coffee table options as well with few drawers. Coffee tables often come handy when you need to place extra decorative or usable items in living room.

Living Room Storage Wonderful Furniture Item: Ottomans

Plentiful Prints

Ottomans are a great addition to any interior decor theme. Whether it is your living room, your bedroom or even sun room, you can surely find place for an ottoman. There are many types of prints or patterns in ottoman. You can even match them with pillows and add a dash of style to your decor. We can also create a cohesive look in our decor if we use the same print in multiple places around house. Hey! Don’t forget to buy them this Fall 2015.

Add Size In Ottomans

Ottomans come in variety of sizes with or without storage options. These are such a beautiful accent piece of furniture that you would be tempted to squeeze them anywhere; utilize them for storage and take out if you require extra seating in any part of your house. They come in variety of sizes from cocktail ottomans to smaller accent pieces. You need to decide which goes best with your decor.

Home Storage BenchSolutions for Storage

TV Console

Invest in a large good TV console with pullout drawers. This gives you and your kid’s lot of space for storage of movie CDs, Music system, amplifiers, TV Remote and other USB wires etc. You can even connect the Video games to the TV easily, if all things are stored together.

Get An Accent Cabinet Or Chest Drawer.

Buy a remarkable looking accent chest or cabinet. You can never go wrong with this piece of furniture. These come in variety of styles and compliment your decor very well.


Storage Bench – A Neat Seat

In my views, storage bench is one of the most usable item in our home furniture. It usually has hidden compartments where most of the items like toys can be stored.

Shelf Is A Great Help

Shelves can never go out of fashion. You can use them anywhere in your house and there are many uses, from displaying your beautiful curated art pieces to even stacking your books. Try and place some baskets in the bottom shelf to keep the stuff like towels, napkins, cutlery etc. So let’s get back to work and de clutter our space to stay organized.

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