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There are many changes which takes place in our day to day life. There are ups and down in everybody’s life. Some accept it gracefully, while others accept it grievingly. We start our life from forming relationships with parents, relatives, friends, spouses and then kids. After a while time passes by and kids grow up. They take maximum of our thinking time, their studies, welfare, school projects, college challenges, marriage, jobs etc. And suddenly one day they leave the nest where they were born and grown up. It leaves the house little empty and devoid of life. They leave their rooms, corners, lofts, basements, play areas which usually leave a mark in our life too. So, we always hesitate to think twice before touching that memorabilia which our kids have left in their rooms and spaces. Parents are always unwilling to take them out because of their love. But life goes on, and we shouldn’t be guilty in redoing the place for its new life.

Bedroom with TV Console Table Bedroom


A Grown Up Crafter’s Dream

Now, when you have some place available to yourself, we can always think of something which we wanted to do from a long time. We can pursue some hobbies which left with times or due to space constraints. We can prepare the rooms for our creative hobbies like ikebana, paper mache, origami, flower making, stuffed toys making, experimenting with wooden sculptures etc. Now, you have a place where you can keep your craft tools, scrap books, wooden tools etc. It’s best to locate a table which can give you lot of flat surface, rather than a home office kind of desk. We should also place some good lights which can brighten up the room. This would also help us in working on the projects easier.

Storage And Organization

When we have decided to turn this room into our hobby room, then let’s make it more functional. Storage is the must have for any hobby room . We may install a library cum shelf with drawers that can perform multitasking. It can be our mini library along with place to keep the hobby related materials. In the lower shelves, we can even have place for some large baskets for storing craft supplies. Finally, when this room is converted into a hobby room, don’t forget to bring in some fun accessories that reflect your individual style. bedroom decor idea

Kitchen with Dining Table Modern Lounge Chairs


Finding Your Center Again

Day to day life doesn’t give us a chance to sit and relax. We have our jobs, appointments, meetings, and get together to keep. Life becomes a clock. When our children are exploring new shores of life, so why not we also try and look for some inner peace within self. It’s a great chance to rediscover yourself. If we are not very religious kinds then try finding yourself in some good books. Books are and have always been great friends. Always brings a new aspect of life in its interpretation. We can treat our self with a great book in this room and make this as a mini library. The decor element can be brought in with having a lovely fire place and some accent chair, over a wonderful silken rug. In my definition this is the great way to enjoy your time and indulge in life’s comfortable moments. You can even place a Victorian chaise along with coffee table, add some quirky cushions and the look is more than complete. You have a wonderful looking Victorian library to yourself. In case you really want to up the level then introduce some ottoman which can have even storage options. So set yourself for a visual serene treat.

In House Entertainment Zone

Life is all about making compromise but TV is out of this famous saying. This is especially true for couples and siblings. We don’t always want to watch the same shows, matches, serials, movies, games etc. But that doesn’t mean the other half stays in exile in some other room. In those silver years of life, keeping each other’s company is as important as having food daily for survival. We should design the room in such a way that everyone’s tastes and preferences have been taken into account and room is designed for complete entertainment. Install some lazy recliners for those long matches and movie sessions. Comfort and convenience should always take the first priority in taking these decisions. Place a table for friendly card game which becomes a dinner-snacks table too. Maximize the storage space with TV console so you don’t forget where the remote was kept or your favorite movie CDs are. Let’s enjoy the stint on this planet called “Life”…

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