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While thinking about Decor & Interior Designing of our home, we always try and do a mix-match things to get the new look. This is because many times we are over loaded with decor & furniture pieces already. Whenever we do that- we always look for best look – which we like. Psychologically we try and find our personality in this decor theme. No Decor is complete unless we find a real “You” in that. In this article we would be discussing about how best we can theme our interiors with various colors, existing furniture items, shapes, styles and decor theme. Let’s not try and loose our own personality in this process. So, let’s be true to ourselves and devise the best way for home decor.

Kitchen Bar Seats Shape

Shapes add variety and gives a body to the room. Different shapes bring in different vibes to the room decor. But one important thing to consider while deciding shapes is that too many shapes would create clutter and confused effect. Choose shapes which you are familiar and comfortable with. Adding many dimensions would add some uncomfortable feeling to its visitors. Just stick to your basics of theme and decor idea for that particular room.

Diamonds are a decorator’s best friend! Thanks to their timeless versatility, these shapes are a great way to dress up any room. Here, we can combine a subtle variations of four-sided form, from an ikat-patterned pillow to a set of star-topped urns.


Choosing a common theme for our interiors creates a feeling of synchrony. Additionally, it takes away any bizarre surprises while we look for accessories. Themes can range from natural, metropolitan, wild, Victorian, colored or even royal. Achieving variety within the same theme is the key like using Blue and red with gold motifs within Victorian theme. Using a motif pattern along with diamond shape pattern is another milestone.


In many previous articles, we have talked about different colors and their role in our interiors. As we all know by now that most of the colors plays different effect in our life. But many times, we can’t live with only one color in entire house. If Living Room is white and beige then bedroom can be aqua blue, while the kids room can be pink or pastel green. This not only shows the variety of decor but also shows the way we live. So combining colors within our own house is equally important. We just need to be careful while drawing combinations that, too gaudy colors are not combined with jazzy colors. This would be quite an unpalatable combination. Color combinations have to be synchronized.

Bedroom Decor Living Room Decor


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