Title - Dining Table with Kitchen Island

Kitchens and dining areas are spaces where food is cooked & consumed by family. Food being integral to a family’s well-being has to be prepared with ease and love. Therefore, today the much talked about part of a house is Kitchen and now the Kitchen cum Dining area. Kitchen planning has its set of opportunities and limitations. While there is a science in planning a kitchen but once understood, the subject is not very difficult. Certain rules are important to be understood.

Contemporary Dining Table in Kitchen Eclectic Dining Table in Kitchen


The practical elements of a kitchen will put restrictions on its location and on the way the layout can be arranged because you will need direct access to water & waste outlets which are usually ducted through an external wall. The type of surfaces you can use will also be dictated by requirements such as heat resistance and hygiene, and in a room that contains both kitchen and a dining area good ventilation will be essential to remove steam, heat and cooking smells. So these aspects need to be factored into the layout at the earliest stage of planning an efficient and practical kitchen.

White Dining Table in Kitchen

In Kitchen design there is a format known as the “work triangle” which, if followed, makes ergonomically efficient use of the space and minimises the amount of walking between three functions of food gathering, food preparation & cooking. If you place the points of triangle too far apart you will add to the amount of walking you do each time you prepare a meal and if the points are too close your kitchen will be cramped and an uncomfortable place to work.

The three points of triangle are the sink, the refrigerator and the hob/or an oven. It is advised that each leg of the triangle is between 4 feet or 9 feet apart depending on the size of your kitchen. Unless, you want them to be far enough to digest all your food within the meal preparation time. Trust me, it’s not a smart way to keep fit.

An island unit or breakfast bar is a popular way of proving extra work surface, storage and an informal dining area: it may also be used to create a barrier between the areas of cooking and more formal eating. Island units can be square or oblong, and currently popular are mobile islands that have locking wheels so that an island can be moved around a room to cater for different functions such as buffet table or bar, or pushed closer into the kitchen area to make the dining section more spacious.

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