Title - IKEA Home Office Chair & Desk with Storage Unit

These days, the sizes and areas of houses are getting smaller day by day. It has forced us to rethink the traditional usage of rooms. Many of us now don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated Guest Room. The Guest room now is no more a guest only room- it has to be a multipurpose room. Sometimes it is used as a guest room and many or rather most times it becomes the get-together room, study room, home office and what not. We can convert this into craft zone or even an oversized dining space for Christmas get together. These days, the guest room is more of a “guess” room—one that serves a multitude of family needs. Let’s take out some ideas whereby we can combine the needs and use this dynamic space as multipurpose room.

IKEA Sofa Cum Bed A Smart Guest Room That Works

Not many of us are lucky to have the luxury of working from home and that too at our own choicest hours. Surprisingly, people who work from home also find it difficult to concentrate while they need to work without a dedicated home office space. You may need to use your guest room as your home office too if you have scarcity of space. It becomes difficult to manage when you have a guest and you need to work too without compromising his comfort and your work. The key to successful management is planning a room accordingly which doesn’t make you guilty or feel burdened.

The best way to plan is to have a sofa-cum-bed and get away from bulky bed setting. Buy a stylish sleeper sofa which works as part of your study room as well as your guest’s bed. It might also serve as a great spot when you want to take a break from long working hours on computer. You may double this as a visitor sofa as well, when you have visitors for official purposes.

Now when it comes to your working desk, you may even plan a workstation with lots of storage option which might work as a storage unit when the need arises. You may even match your chair to one of your dining table chairs, so it can be used at times you need an extra chair in the dining room.

With apartment living styles, the space is always premium. Storage always comes at a cost of easy movement in the room. You may have file cabinets and coffee tables with lot of drawers, out of which some may be left empty for guests to keep their belongings. This way you solve both the purposes.

Now, when you have thought this much and utilized your place so well, any guest’s arrival preparation is like a cake walk. You already have everything in place. You only need to take out time and convert that sofa cum bed into a complete bed. Choose bedding and comforters that goes well with the decor of the room and your overall house. This would also make your guests feel more than welcomed rather than preparations being done at the last moment with whatever was available at hand. This would relax them more and your sweats would be well appreciated.

White Bedroom Decor & Working DeskYou Own Crafty Zone

We have often seen that kids need more space when they are growing up. They need room to complete their science and art projects. You may always plan for this when you have growing kids. This Guest room can also be converted into craft zone when it’s idle and not used. Space is always premium so let’s have multiple uses for the same place. The best way is to have a furniture which can be utilized in different way. We may choose a desk-work station which can be a convertible into dining table.

The table’s top would give you a wider space to work as well as you can combine it with stools so all the family members can sit together and work as a family . We suggest you to buy a table with distressed look and feel so you don’t need to worry about scissors marks on the table surface.

Always buy some handy furniture items which can be moved between rooms like coffee table, magazine racks, portable work stations, sitting stools. These pieces can be used for various activities across home and you would feel quite relieved.

So get ready guys, you have lot of work to do…take the “guess” factor out of your Guest Room now.

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