We all pre-plan our vacations from months in advance, sometimes even a year prior. However, even the longest vacation of months get over like a dream. By the time, we start enjoying the vacations, it’s always the time to say bye. But friends, my vacations lasted for about year and half. I know, many of you wouldn’t believe this fact but yes I am talking about a wonderful experience of building my own house, and it went on for almost one and a half years. I call it my longest vacation because it was the best time of my life and also it was such a stress-buster. My long awaited dream that eventually came true. I guess this was my favorite project in life so far.

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After working in multinational companies and post two adorable kids, I left work and started enjoying my role as a Home Maker. Initially, few years were really fulfilling and enjoyable. I never felt that I was a non-working mother, but soon the kids were in school and I had a lot of free time. Since the kids were also growing up, they needed extra space, that’s when I thought of creating an extra space. I drew my first rough sketch of elevation design in my son’s school notebook with pencil. Since I have no experience or any degree in this particular subject, I was a bit apprehensive about doing it. But this was a point of no return and then we started meeting with many architects and designers. Honestly most of them were quite expensive and their works were repetitive. They only came out with repeated designs and elevations that were very common to find in nowadays housing units like ours.

That’s when I resolved that if it has to be done, I would have to lead the design thoughts. I wanted my house to be different and distinctive from others, which becomes a talking point of the town and people should admire the unique design. With all these thoughts, I started collating the views of so many beautiful houses and marvelous elevations, I had seen in my life. This entire thought process was quite a surprise for me as I couldn’t believe that I was working 24 hours on my house plan and enjoying it too.

No matter how different I wanted my house to look from others, my biggest challenge was the existing structure, because there were not very many pillars used in the construction as it was an old house. In the entire 500 sq mtrs construction, only 4-5 big pillars were used and rest were very thin. So we had no choice but to build wall-to-wall structure with minor changes. We were lucky enough that civil construction team was pretty experienced and I could manage few very important things that made the elevation look exactly like my dream house. With four large door sized windows in my bedroom, two on each sides, and a two side open verandah- terrace on one side and a large balcony on the other side, my bedroom simply appeared heavenly, no less than the suite of a five star hotel…You would surely enjoy these pictures.

Use of large glasses in the staircase area gave me an idea of putting 24 feet long fibre optic rope light hanging in the middle of square shaped two-floor staircase; as it would look beautiful from outside from the side elevation. But again finding 24 foot long optical fiber was as difficult as fighting a war. This proved to be quite an exercise as either it was way too expensive or not available… Ultimately with the help of my brother-in-law I got it imported from China. I thank him deeply every time when people appreciate the light because that became the focal point of my decor theme. I always had an inclination towards decor & home interiors since my graduation days. And with this house I got a chance to be creative in my own way. I had full freedom to do whatever I wanted. I kept it very simple and elegant. The use of beige, white, and off white paint on the walls gave it a classy yet subtle look. All the furniture was prepared in-house, partially self- designed and a bit of help from design collections. Actually that made it easier for me to complete every corner with my choice. Getting furniture done from my own carpenter gave me the freedom of choosing shape and size, and also the use of quality product and raw material. Teak wood furniture and eight-foot long teak doors with Italian perlatto royal flooring complimented each other so well. Bathroom walls were done with tiles that match with the bedroom interiors. Now I feel it was worth every trip that I did to those markets so many months prior to the actual construction. As I have always felt and followed this rule that “If you have done your homework well, your project is already done,” likewise, much before the construction I knew where to go for what.

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Lastly all I can say that, I could manage to do something wherein I had no experience. My biggest applaud comes from the new set of admirers when they ask for my inspirations and off course the contact details of my interior designer. This admiration gives me immense satisfaction of accomplishment, which was always there but never surfaced.

Indeed it was the longest vacation and I enjoyed every bit of it. A great fusion of ethnic and contemporary decor, my house is my palace and I feel like a Queen when I sit in open verandah- terrace and enjoy my lovely brew amidst pitter-patter of rains and sunshine.

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Arti Singh These beautiful inspirational words have been contributed by Arti Singh, who discovered an Inner Interior Designer while planning her dream space. It was like long vacations for her when she pursued her passion. Well it’s truly said, some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and achieve them. She stands true on these words, so be inspired by her words and follow her from here.


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