Creating & Finding A Focal Point Of Our Home Design –Part Two

Title - Living Room Window Sil Decor

In the last article of this series we read and understood about creating a focal point of your interior design & decor, while retaining many elements like entertainment and warmth intact for your family. Now, as we discussed last time about fire place and TV unit, which might play your focal point; in this part of series we would be discussing about creating your focal point if you have a large window which gives you an incredible city view or nature view. So let’s get started.

Living Room Wall Art Decor Living Room Window


We can always find the focal point while standing right in the room. Look for that thing which inspires you the most and you want to build your decor theme around that object, or piece de resistance.

Bedroom Window Decor & Curtains Let’s Get Inspired First

When you actually get down to defining the focal point of your living room, then be ready. Inspiration can come from anywhere. You just need to build your decor theme around some conversation starters like a view from room, or an art piece, some exotic color used in upholstery etc. As said earlier, find a spot where the conversation can start in your living room. It might be your silken rug or even a large Chinese urn which you last bought on your travels. Make use of best conversation starters and showcase them proudly.

Play With The View

If you are one of those lucky ones to have a large glass window, which overlooks the great city skyline or beautiful hedges of wonderful flowers, then count on your lucky stars. Enjoy this incredible view like you can soak it in your being. Just flash it to all your visitors! They would surely be dazzled. Place a large sofa and some accent chairs around this window so everyone can get the best view. Do not put anything in direct view of the window, which might block the amazing view. We should also match our indoor decor as per view, like we can have a metropolitan contemporary theme if we overlook the city commercial skyline or we can have floral prints, in case it overlooks the garden. You can bring the outdoor theme indoors with your imagination.

Lounge Window 280967_verktumsgatan_6-47


All About Art

Art: If you can afford one, then flaunt one. This should be the mantra of your displaying art. If you possess an art piece that you adore, then we suggest it to be your best focal point. Believe us, this would be the greatest conversation starter. Find the most prominent place in your living room where you can place this piece as a star. Put some console table or a wonderful chest drawer along with it. You can even place your sofa and accent chairs which faces the art work so naturally everyone would get the first look of your proud piece. Before placing this art piece, you should redo the lighting of that specific area which plays due importance to this art piece. Mediocre lighting can downgrade the effect of this art piece. Correct and focused lighting can bring the spectacular effect of this art piece.

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