Title - Wooden Bed in Eclectic Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a private space where we go to relax, stretch and sleep. So the layout and design of this room should encourage and support these aspects. Although clothes storage is an important factor, but in many bedrooms the main concern is usually the positioning of the bed. The positioning of the bed is often influenced by two elements – location of the room window and door. These two elements have to be kept in mind while putting a bed in your room.

Placing A Bed In Your Bedroom

Few people like to sleep directly under a window, but this can be cold and draughty. In my views, it is more pleasant to lie in bed and look out of the window to admire the sun or garden or even a skyline, then have it behind you. So the bed should be positioned facing or to the side of window. The door opening inside the room should ideally be to the side of the bed rather than directly in front of it, so as to screen the bed from the direct view of the corridor.

Gray Bedroom Decor,Texture Headboard & Ottoman

For ease of access, you should also be able to walk unhindered around both sides and the foot on the bed, enabling you to get in and out of it easily, especially in the dark. Modest bed heads are pushed up against the wall, although in some large room the bed can be positioned in the centre of the room. This kind of a floating bed creates a dramatic effect and gives a grandeur appeal to the Bedroom.

Bedroom Storages

Storage has a big role to play in our rooms. Many bedrooms contain wardrobes which can be either built in or freestanding. If you plan to have a build-in wardrobes, do take into consideration the room required to open the doors of the wardrobe. If space is restricted, you may need sliding doors. If you are in a shared flat or a home that has a busy corridor outside the bedroom, you may want to put the wardrobes against the wall facing the corridor. The furniture and clothing will provide a certain amount of sound insulation. Directions and temperatures is another concern that needs to be addressed while placing the bed. If you have a north facing wall in your bedroom, a wardrobe built along that side can be used to provide extra heat insulation.

Walk In Wardrobes In Bedroom

Instead of putting wardrobes in your bedroom you could create a walk-in wardrobe behind a false wall. To do this, you would need to section off part of the room with a light, stud wall, reducing the overall size of the bedroom but creating a separate and easier access to hanging necessities and clothes storage space.

IKEA Bedroom FurnitureBedside Tables & Chairs

Other furniture that needs to be taken into consideration while planning the layout of a bedroom are bedside tables, chairs and a chest of drawers. These are all useful pieces that will add to the comfort and stress-free use of the room. But if space is restricted bedside tables could be built into the headboard or could be lightweight and shelf like, secured directly to the wall.

There is another article Big Bedroom Decoration Ideas written by darling Queen Bee, do have a look at that too. You would find more information on making your bedroom- a complete Master Suite.

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