Our garden is the best little spot which we can proudly label as “Little Me”. Garden Lovers treat their gardens as their own children. It is one of the best spots of earth which is truly ours. Garden tools are as important for any garden as any plants or flowers are. Garden tools facilitate lot of help in taking best care of our gardens. I have been writing about gardens and flowers so let’s talk something about our garden tools as well which makes this possible.

Suggestions For Choosing The Right Rools For Your Garden

When purchasing your gardening tools, you should hold the tools in your hand for making sure that you have a good grip on them and its fitted well. It should be light weight which you can carry and operate easily.

Always try and buy tools which have wooden handles as those are surely very comfortable during winter months. Now-a-days, tool handles come in various sizes and materials like plastic, metal etc. However, wood is always lasting & easy to operate than others in my view.

Buy a good pair pf gardening gloves for hand protection. This would save your hands from getting soiled as well as prevent them from being exposed to many abrasions and cuts. Try and always keep them clean and dry. This would make them last longer.

The five, basic gardening tools that every garden lover should have:-

  • Hoe
  • Pruner
  • Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Garden Rake

Advantages Of The Hoe

A hoe is the most useful tool which is used to prepare seed beds, to loosen soil and to remove weeds. Choose either a square-bladed hoe or a pointed hoe, depending on your gardening needs. A square-bladed hoe is ideal for most gardening tasks, while a pointed hoe is ideal for working between plants and other small areas.

Garden Hoe Garden Pruner

Ease Of Use With A Pruner

You’ll want to look for pruning shears that do not open wider than the width of your hand; otherwise, it will be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to use.

Two different types of pruners include a garden pruner, that acts like a scissor; and an anvil pruner, that acts like a knife.

Benefits Of Your Shovel

Many types of shovels are available, including a round point shovel, scoop shovel, garden shovel and irrigation shovel.

A garden shovel with a pointed blade is typically easier to maneuver than standard, square-shaped blades. They can be invaluable for a variety of digging, lifting and moving tasks.

Garden Shovel Garden Trowel

The Highly Effective Trowel

A trowel will definitely be one of the most-used tools in your arsenal, as it is ideal for a wide variety of digging jobs that may not be well-suited to a larger shovel. It is also perfect for digging out weeds or planting bulbs and plants. A trowel is certainly useful if you work primarily in raised beds or containers.

Garden RakeGarden Rake

A good, all-purpose gardening rake is ideal for clearing out rocks and debris from your beds, as well as for spreading mulches and smoothing out seed beds. Choose a lightweight rake with a handle that is long enough to eliminate excessive bending. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rake whose handle reaches your ear.

The two types of rakes include the bow rake and the head rake. Both are similar; however, bow rakes are heavier and require a stronger amount of force to move them. Level head rakes, however, are lightweight and better suited for women or elderly individuals.

Always consider this fact first while buying the gardening tools – ‘right and most appropriate tool can make your gardening more enjoyable and fun.’

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Gardner

Green Green All Around…All the Greenery Year Around. That’s the motto of our most accomplished green garden contributor Mr. Gardner. His mind blowing knowledge on nature and maintenance of gardens is unparalleled in the whole world. Do follow him to get the best of your gardens& landscapes.


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