Title - Fire Place in Living Room

In this two article series, we would be discussing about how best we can Create and locate a focal point of our interior design. Now many of us would be wondering what the “focal point” is anyways. Focal point is actually the center of our decor theme for that room or house. Like we say that: this sofa is the best piece of our decor. Then once this is decided we try and arrange everything in the living room around it and make the best use of that sofa. We all want to have a flamboyant looking Living room which is opulent and stylish. But the key to arrange our furniture in such a way that it is both fabulous looking and at the same time functional too, is the best achievement of any decorator. Let’s start discussing few ways to achieve the best functionality while retaining the marvelous look within our decor theme. Let’s get started.

We can always multiply the looks by experimenting with the decor. Same room can be decorated in many ways, if we have determined our Focal Point. Suppose, you have a Fire place in the room or you have a large TV unit, either you can go with one theme as the prime center of your home decor, or you can have both things too. Let’s find out how?

IKEA TV Console & Storage Unit The Warmth Centre – Fireplace

Nothing can be more blissful than having a functional fire place in your living room. It is like the heart of your house in those cold shivering winter months. In my suggestion, a fire place makes the best focal point of your decor, if you have one. Let everyone see that and appreciate it. We should plan our major seating next to fire place, so everyone can enjoy this bliss. Try & Create such a seating layout that everyone can see the fire place and get warmth from it. Be careful in placing a rug and sofa next to fire place. Many a times, the ashes or burnt wood might damage the texture of your sofa or rug. Whatever said and done, the fire place always remains the darling of interior designer for various reasons. Besides providing warmth, it also provides a mantel piece to place your precious urns, family pictures, large decorated mirrors etc., and not forgetting the candles stands. Go for creating your fire place as your focal point in case you have one.

Entertainment Scene Setup

If you feel that the most comfortable position in the whole world is having a sofa in front of a large screen TV, then you are in for “Entertainment”. So if entertainment is your idea of life, plan your decoration theme as per entertainment theme only. The furniture should be such that provides comfort to each of the family member of all age groups. Have accent chairs, chaise and large bean bags for making everybody comfortable for those NBA matches and 20-20 cricket Innings. Don’t forget to think about Movie nights and lazy afternoons. Have large table too for keeping drinks and snacks bowl. Try and look for more sturdy type of fabrics which can be easily cleaned incase of spillage. Have distressed look furniture so surfaces are not damaged while placing drink cans and other items. Place a rug which is easy to clean to prevent the floor from shoe marks and heavy furniture.

IKEA TV Console Table with SofaBest Of Both Worlds

Seriously if you are blessed with Fire place already and you are a TV buff too; and wants to retain best of both worlds, then no worries. You don’t need to be torn between family choices of retaining both elements. The smart setup and bringing harmony between these two elements would solve the mental conflict. In this case you might need to decide about having a floating focal point in your room. Keep the fire place at the main focal point and place a large sofa, length wise along with fire place with clear TV view. Place some chairs and bean bags around the sofa while creating sections in the room, so everyone gets to see the TV. A Large table might be placed between sofa and TV again lengthwise from fire place for keeping the food and other items while watching TV or soaking up some warmth from fire place. Achieving the equilibrium between these two strong elements is necessary, so that the room doesn’t look over crowded. I am sure you know this by now and would be smartly playing with your design & decor ideas for keeping family happy & warm or should I say – Entertained & Warm.

So stay tuned at this space, I shall come back with Part Two of this series “Creating & Finding A Focal Point Of Our Home Design” very soon…

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