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Microwave is a kitchen appliance we compulsorily gift our daughters on their wedding and sons’ when they move out to stay and study. It makes life so much easy and quick. It’s so much casual to reheat and prepare food fast. However, most of us are reluctant from cleaning this gadget specially when we are staying with roommates or have a big family with children to care for.

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I have been thinking of sharing my expertise (if you only think so) in this matter with you all but was always hesitant as the topic really sounds so simple to be taught. I have always believed that everyone knows how to clean up a microwave. After all it’s so simple and quick.

It was only when I visited my sister’s son in New York last week that I realized, this topic needs to be given its due importance and be written about. The boy who shares the tiny apartment with two other friends had a microwave which is used heavily for meals. The boys hardly use the stove/gas. The microwave had gunk all over it from I guess, last one year’s meal. We put ourselves through the mental torture of cleaning the microwave first. (Even before meeting and greeting his friends!)

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Here is the deal for all you readers who haven’t cleaned their microwave for quite some time or rather have never done – this is easy, super quick and organic! You just need to look for either Vinegar or lemon at home. See what you have of the two. I will share both the cleaning methods. You can choose depending on what you can lay your hands on…

Material You Need For The Task:

  • One lemon or a cup of white vinegar
  • A cup of water
  • A sponge
  • A dry cloth

Super Easy Way To Clean A Microwave:

  • Take a cup of vinegar with a cup of water mixed in it. Alternatively, if you are using lemon, juice it and mix with a cup of water. Add the lemon wedges also to this mix.
  • Put this mix in the microwave for 7-10 mins.
  • The microwave would have steam filled in it by now. Do not open the microwave for next 4-5 mins. Let the steam do the job. It’s no rocket science. The steam will condense with the food particles and gunk inside the microwave.
  • Open the microwave and remove the bowl with oven mitts. In case your microwave has a turntable, lift it carefully and wash, dry.
  • The food stuck inside the microwave would have melted by now and can be cleaned easily with a sponge dipped in the bowl mix. Start with the ceiling and then move to the sides. Then wipe the floor and finally the door of the microwave.
  • Use the same lemon/ vinegar mix to wipe the outside of the microwave for any dogged spots.
  • In the last, dry the space with a dry cloth.
  • Now the word of caution – Dip a wooden spoon or a toothpick in the bowl with lemon/ vinegar solution before putting it inside the microwave for precautions against any kind of probable explosions. Although this is not necessary but the super-hot liquid can sometimes cause an accident too. It’s better to take precautions and insert a stir stick or a toothpick (anything non-metallic).

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In case you are that fantastic dutiful daughter doing the cleaning or a hubby trying to impress his wife by doing this surprise cleaning, specially because you had the boys day out on the weekend; here is another final tip – icing on the cake…

Take 1:4 quantity of any cheap vodka and water. One bottle cap of vodka and 4 bottle caps of water. Add a drop of liquid soap and a drop of any essential oil of your choice. (Fragrance of essential oil is added to get rid of alcohol smell. You may use lavender, peppermint, rose or any other you have readily available at home.) Shake it well.

Spray this mix on the microwave. Rub and dry with a clean dry cloth. The sparkling, fresh, hygienic microwave is ready for the showcasing.

For all my dear readers, if you have taken the pains to do the cleaning job of your microwave today and want to maintain it the smart way for weeks to come, do this simple fantastic regime every 15 – 20 days. Take a wet soapy cloth and put it inside the microwave. Micro for 8- 10 mins. Let it stand for 5 mins. Open the door and clean dry with the cloth. The steam would do the hard task for you in only 15 mins while you are busy finishing your other household chores. This way you will be able to maintain the appliance in its good health… it cooks for you after all… kitchen decor ideas

I always look forward to your housekeeping intelligence to increase mine. Write your tips and ideas for me and all our readers too.

Ms. Housekeeper

Ms. Housekeeper

Our contributor of impeccable knowledge on day to day house care with her quick and easy to implement suggestions. Her knowledge makes our life easy- multi fold. Get enriched with her best suggestions… follow her.


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