Many times we feel like building our own house or even alter the existing house in which we are staying . We would like to bring in some new things like rooms, loft, garden, terrace, balcony etc. depends on our growing needs and aspirations. Something we get tired of looking at like the same decor and needs to bring in new flooring or even ceiling style with some minor addition of beams etc. For anything or everything of this kind of work we all need a Builder – Contractor- Remodeler. Then the golden questions arises –Can you trust this person/agency? What are their credentials to execute the work and not fleece you of your hard earned money and leave you high and dry? Choosing a builder should not be difficult if you are ready to do a little research into the key areas of reputation, competence and costs. There are three pillars which can bring in a lot of trust between two parties.

House Exteriors Reputation

Reputation comes from the long and happy list of clients, that the person or agency has executed in the past. The best recommendations are those from your family, neighbors or friends who might have had some working experience with them. You will have the advantage of seeing the standard of completed work and getting an unbiased assessment of the builder’s expertise and reliability. Any reputable builder should be able to show you recent references from customers. Be a little wary of making the decision based only on the written references as it is relatively easy to produce fake ones.


Competence is a subjective matter, it can only be experienced when we experience the work from some agency. But still when we hire someone, it’s good to check their competence level. We expect them to be competent while undertaking a work as it might be a skilled job which requires a certain amount of qualification and experience. So in that case, it’s mandatory to check their certifications and legal requirements. We may check the authenticity of their certificates and qualification by contacting their trade associations or even check online with relevant certifying organization.

House FacadeCosts

Costs are the make-and-break factor in deciding about the work to be undertaken. We should understand the difference between an estimate and a quote. An estimate is only a rough idea/estimate of how much the job will/might cost you; but a quote shows the detailed breakdown of costs of materials and labor, and this cannot increase without your consent. Estimate are only a casual discussion between the two parties which has no legal sanctity but when it comes down to agreement, we should all strive for final quote with detailed description to be included into the agreement. Be aware that some builders will charge you for a quote as it does take some time to visit and calculate the details. Well this is an acceptable norm nowadays.

Get a written quote from at least three agencies which you might have shortlisted so that you have a better idea of the market rate for the particular job with similar requirements. The price you can expect to pay for a job will depend on many factors including which area of the locality you live in and the experience level of the builder. If the job is likely to be complex, or take a long time, it is reasonable to negotiate installment payments based on the milestones with the builder. You will then both be clear about the work that must be completed before each of the payments is due. home renovation idea

Finding yourself a reputable builder means you can proceed with confidence and look forward to seeing the job well done.

Design Devil

Design Devil

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