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Hey! You got engaged recently. Congratulations!! While you celebrate the new relationship the anxiety of shifting into a new house piles up. The idea of sharing a bedroom with a man or a woman is equally burdening. You have been staying alone in your own room for almost 25 years of your life. Every corner of that room talks about your likes, your fancies and your dreams.

Bedroom White Decor Bedroom with Gray Wall Paint


While most of us argue that it’s more difficult for a woman, it’s equally loading for the man. It is very essential that you both discuss and plan this bedroom interiors together. When you share a bedroom, preserving your individual sense of style and designing can be really challenging. But as you exchange thoughts, converse and compromise a bit, your master suite can be transformed into a “his and her” haven of dreams. Every piece in this bedroom needs to be thoughtfully chosen and bought.

As this bedroom is for both of you; you must do the designing together, rather than relying only on one and feeling neglected later. Keep in mind that you will not be able to do the interiors for this room for next few years.

Here are some challenges and ways to have a joyful compromise:

Bedroom with Wall ArtColor Palette

If you really don’t want to go for a gray or white, don’t definitely opt for a pink or radiant blue. Only one of you would stay happy and the other would sulk every night. The gender neutral bedroom can be ‘powder blue’. It is blissful for both genders.

Bed Palette and linen

The universally appealing and grandeur look of a master suite can be achieved by selecting the golden wood tone for a bed set. The bedding can be a crisp white Egyptian cotton. It would appeal to you both and keep the individualities intact. Subtle pops of color with floral printed pillows, soft, white throw blankets and curtains in floral design add a feeling of coziness and feminine presence.


The modern aesthetics of the room can have the masculine touch to them. This style would be acceptable to both parties. Geometrical or plain area rugs in solid bold colors, modern straight line lamps and accessories add the mannish finish. Built-in storages under the bed are a must for his and her possessions.

The world you create together in this room will give you pleasure and bliss every day. While you both learn to like each other’s choices, the life will become a bed of roses and a celebration each day! Share your suite’s photographs with us and we shall present them to our readers too.

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