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You just finished decorating your home with perfect artwork and luxurious accent pillows. You found the shop for buying the perfect accessories to display on your console tables and chests. You are the prim and proper types accounting for every detail and supervising the complete refurbishment. Your utter discomfort is that the warmth is not oozing out of your creation. Something is missing in the home. It’s the floor accessory. The area rugs or carpets (called in some countries) is the element that would bring definition to an otherwise open area of your home.

Floor Rug under Dining Table

In larger spaces like living rooms and guest entertainment areas, there are often gigantic seas of one type of flooring. Huge open floorings even when done with warm colored wooden floorings, can feel nude, cold and unappealing. Homes are rather warm and inviting. Area rugs anchor such vast spaces with ease. The depth with a couple of rugs laid in geometrical orders can spruce up the dull floor.

It’s also important to visually define explicit groupings like a dining area or living room seating arrangement. If you have artistically gone for a floating furniture arrangement away from walls as you had the luxury of a larger space, rugs are an absolute necessity. This is especially true in a larger space or great room where you’re likely to “float” furniture away from the walls. The “island” feeling can be completed only with this piece of carpet and the furniture sitting on it.

Don’t fall into the “every grouping gets a rug” trap! For example, in long, tapered spaces, placing an area rug under every furniture group will start to look forced and stuffed. Instead, consider one really big, neutral or lightly patterned rug to cover the majority of the room. This will account for the small groupings also. Then, layer a rug with real contrast on top to help transition the tones and create even more deepness and interest!

If you have two areas you want to define in one big room space, try placing two rugs perpendicular to each other to avoid that “punctuation mark” feel. With more than one rug in an open space, an “L” or “T” pattern creates the required flow.

Floor Rug in Kitchen Floor Rug Under Coffee Table


Your dining room can also be toned up with these area rugs. Soft colors in muted patters give an upscale feel. For a casual look bright enlarged patters are apt. When choosing this rug for your space, you’ll have to be watchful of a few rules. Your rug has to be at least two feet larger than your table on all sides, so that the chairs can be easily slid in and out. Next is the shape of both your room and your table. Rectangular rugs for oval or rectangular tables, and round or hexagonal rugs are perfect for round or square tables. In case you have a foldable dining table, buy a rug big enough to accommodate the table when its leaves are in use. Round rug under a square dining table can add a drama and intimacy to your dining area. You can choose any style of rug, but the important point to keep in mind is that the size should be such as to accommodate the chair legs when open for use. dining room design ideas

Correctly placed, area rug often absorbs noises and makes your bedroom warmer and comfy. Your winter mornings can be much warmer if you have the luxury to step on a rug instead of cold floor. You have the choice of three rugs or one rug to add this comfort to your life. One big rug can go half way to two-thirds under the bed. Pattern for the rug in this case has to be geometrical, large patterned or solid color. This way, the pattern will still show and you’ll have rug underfoot when you get out of bed. Alternatively, you can use three smaller rugs. Two rugs placed along the sides and a long runner at the foot of the bed. This makes for a cozier space.

I am sure the warmth that was missing in the home interiors has come with these exquisite floor coverings. Now, call your family and friends over to rejoice the hard work and showcase your design abilities.

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