Title - Kitchen with Blue Wall Tiles

Thinking of the colors to be used for your home decor. If you are just beginning with the ‘color me project’, wait and read through. Each one of us has our own color palette. These colors converse and touch our thoughts. There is absolutely no right or wrong color. The color in trend need not necessarily be your taste. Find the right hue for yourself. The relaxed & comfy atmosphere you create with this color will enliven you every day. I have studied the effects of these colors on people and sampled the results for your below. Read, experiment, judge and apply to your home’s interiors.

Living Room with Gray Wall Paint Dining Room with Colorful Wall Shelf



Vibrant and energetic, this color is for the kings and queens. That’s the reason I call it such a drama queen. The kingly color demands and attracts attention. It has your blood rushing with emotions and authority. If you are the attention seeker emperor or empress, use this passionate hue on an accent wall and animate your space. If you want to go really bold, paint your room red and add gold rush by accent pieces. The impact would be huge. But keep in mind that such boldness should be played in a relatively larger space.


This color plays different roles with its diverse shades. If you wish to bring the ‘Fall’ home, add a splash of orange and the room will bloom. The vibrant orange enlivens a space instantaneously. The softer tints are very soothing on nerves making a peaceful heaven at the same time. If you wish to subtly use this color, it can be used for accent pieces in the form of rugs, throws or cushions.


You are a soft, passionate and natural person to like green. Green has a relaxing effect on one’s mind. This hue’s connection to nature makes it a healthy, refreshing tone. In addition, it can convey upscale indulgence just as easily as a calming vibe. This compassionate color is ideal for a relaxing room.


The sweet, lighthearted, petite, young princess deserves this color palette. It’s a playful color with sweet vibes. It can be subtly used in an elegant living room to create a soft womanly feeling. Floral cushions in white and pink add a glamour in this ‘Fall/ Autumn’ season.

Bedroom with Royal Blue Wall PaintBlue

Various hues of blue play diverse emotions. Soft, sky blue takes us to the soothing and serene sky. The playful water color has a dreamy effect on us. While the boldness of navy blue makes the room sophisticated and timeless. Living rooms can have a touch of navy blue for a grand castle like finish.


This is a very versatile color. It fills up a space just like the morning sunshine. Its illuminating nature warms up your home interiors. Brighten up your dining room area with a yellow table cover or create a soft look to your master bedroom with a soft yellow backdrop. This color warms up a space with its sunny hue.


Lavender is a color for people with diverse qualities. This color is a derivation of blue and red. So it has the qualities of both in just the right measure. Play the interiors of your home with lavender and get unparalleled calmness and warmth. Purple in its raw form has supreme powers – creative, spiritual with a dash of royalty. This elegant hue can add a vigor to an otherwise dull room.

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