Title- Living Room Modern Coffee Table

I am a scrupulous and picky type when it comes to taking care of my house’s decor. Each and every piece of furniture which occupies a space in my abode has to look and feel fantabulous. Now, as the weather is turning a little better from the warmth of red sun to the cool of yellow sun… (my idea of looking at nature); I am in this lively mood of inspiring my surroundings. While everything looked picture perfect in my home’s decor, the coffee table needed its due significance.

Wooden Coffee Table

Layers of textures are already coming out and occupying the place on my big sofa. The kilm, Floral shawls, Sheepskin, Kashmir Pashmina Shawl, Soft throws… The coffee table next to it has a remote control of my TV and deck lying like an essential yet non- appealing gadget. For most of us who live in small apartments, these lovely cosy corners mean a lot. And the rest of the more advantageous lucky people staying in bungalows can create a small niche for themselves in their big world with this Coffee Table Decor.

Let’s start preparing the chic and stylish look for the coffee table. Now whether your coffee table is a DIY inspiration, a basic practical model from Ikea or a luxury statement piece, it’s worth doing that extra to style it into an opulence.

Weather inside the Home: The beautiful weather and its cool breeze need to come inside your home too. Do it with a mini size Bonsai or a small planter. It adds that instant green touch to the ambience. Green brings with it nature and its calmness.

Books: The Coffee Table Books are named so for a worthwhile reason. Buy them if you don’t have any. Stack these books as small and big together. It looks more natural and effortless yet gives a stylish look. If you are buying new one on my recommendation (thanks for trusting me); buy the ones with pretty covers and bold lettering. If you are not an avid reader, let me tell you indulge in the breathtaking pictures of the book. They are always marvellous.

Candlelight: Candles always create an adoring ambience in a home decor. An addition of candles and scents can be easily swapped as per season and mood. They are capable of adding a statuesque glamour for a small evening office party.

Accents and Tray: Little accent collection you have managed to create from your holidays and office trips can be collectively displayed in a petite, charming tray. This collection will spark an art conversation among your guests.

While you play around with all these elements, keep in mind the structural factor. As the table top and tray are horizontal, tall candles and few taller accent pieces add the requisite drama. Incase you are planning all these efforts for a special evening, the height can come from the lovely red or yellow blossoms. For a hi-tea this look can be worked around by starting with a crystal tray, add flowers, a candy or mini muffins and books. Most of these looks work wonders for a small to medium sized coffee table. For a bid sized coffee table the look can be fashioned using two trays and going a little overboard with accents. The expanse of the table will absorb the massiveness of the accent pieces. A combination of opposite matters can work beautifully on such tables. Glass lanterns with wooden decor pieces can add a dimension to the soothing silhouettes of the space. Artfully arranged, anything can become a thing of beauty. Voila! You are a self proclaimed pro in decorating a coffee table. Indulge in the process as your apartment will have a new talking interest for your visitors.

Classic Coffee Table Coffee Table Decor


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