title- Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Cockpit

Welcome to the Fourth part of the series’ “5 Most Appreciable Yachts to be seen in Cannes Yachting Festival 2015”

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105  Gallery Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Guest Cabin


In this part, we would be showcasing the expensively Opulent Interiors of “MC 105 Yacht” from the Luxury Yachts Maker – Monte Carlo Yachts, Italy. Amazingly true about some of the yachts made by this company which says “Experience the Classics of the Future, Today”. That holds true for their Yachts.

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Owners Cabin Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Navigation


The debut of the MCY 105, the largest to date, matched with Monte Carlo Yachts’ five year anniversary, and the 32-metre star yacht is the most visible exemplification of the company’s dream and the best manifestation of Monte Carlo Yacht’s iconic, enduring style and the naval magnetism of its assemblage.

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Owners Cabin Interiors Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Owners Cabin EnSuite



The MCY 105 is the largest in the MCY collection, and the boatyard’s distinctive trait of creating spaces only available on mega-yachts is particularly evident. The interior spaces onboard the MCY 105 are incredibly capacious. The large Portuguese deck at the bow, and the flybridge with equipment and living space are unrivaled in its class, while the exclusive and ergonomic Raised Pilot House gives supreme luxury to the master cabin – located on the main deck – that features full beam and giant, full-size windows.

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Pilot House Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Salon



Featuring the MCY collection’s iconic design elements such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the MCY 105 is the result of a painstaking attention given to proportions, the inherent dynamism of the lines, and to every single detail, no matter how small. The MCY 105 is stylish and instantly distinguishable, and the imposing bulwarks and high bow award the boat with the naval magnetism so distinctive of the timeless MCY style.

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 VIP CABIN Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 VIP Cabin Interiors


Let’s know something more about the company too. Monte Carlos Yachts is a pioneering company in Yachts making and has broken few new grounds in yachts World. The management of the company is purely Italian and most of the designers, artists and skilled workers are highly efficient and qualified. . Monte Carlo Yachts is supported by one of the largest French group Beneteau – the recognized global leader in the production of sailboats, 2nd world boat manufacturer and among the 5 world power top players – Monte Carlo Yachts is dedicated to crafting timeless luxury yachts.

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Flybridge Views Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Flybridge


We hope, that we have been able to get you the best of yachts currently being showcased in Cannes Yachts Festival. In the ultimate part of this article series, we would be showing you the breathtaking interiors of another luxury cruise, so stay tuned for more…

Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Navigation Exteriors Monte Carlo Yachts MC105 Navigation Views


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