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Although many of us refuse to admit but we envy people who have immaculately clean house at all times. They don’t fail to give us an inferiority complex. Pay a surprise visit to their house and it looks flawless and sparkling. They are perfect hosts and marvelous housekeepers. Their home decor looks serene as the housekeeping is always perfect. Here are the secret ideas behind their impeccably clean homes.

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Be Clean Everyday

Sounds impossible to do?? Yes, in the beginning it might sound impossible but even before you realize it will be your habit. It looks impossible to dust the side table today, but just do it NOW. Two minutes and the work are done. There will never be a tomorrow to do this job. Kitchen is always the most messed up place. Immediately clean the counter top. You can always involve kids to help you with this. Just a little extra dessert for the smarter kid will do the trick. As you keep leaving jobs for the weekend, it becomes a horrifying housekeeping task. It takes much less time now and the house looks more manageable. While you do every job NOW, the weekly and monthly schedules for you and other family members leave you with an impeccable house at all times. Once, you are able to accomplish this and make it a family habit, pat your back and reward everyone with a chocolate cake.

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More Stuff In House Means More Upkeep Time

I definitely don’t recommend staying in an empty dull home. But less is more now a days with contemporary decor styles and minimalistic approach. While you are busy with office, kids, studies, cooking, etc; you don’t want housekeeping to be another burden. Outside help to do housekeeping can really be expensive and might not be easily accessible. Your kitchen decor should not have too many gadgets and stuff on the counter top. You will have to move them to clean wipe every time. This leads to laziness and neglecting. Similarly, the living room decor should not have unnecessary furniture around. Lesser your burden by looking around for decor items, you and your home can live without. One good decoration idea is to keep extra accent/ decoration pieces in drawers. You can always swop places whenever you need a change in decor style. A smart trick to faster cleaning as well as instant decor change.

KitchenTrick To Disguise And Illusion

Smart housekeepers are always good at fooling others. They know how to and where to put their efforts. They know the trick to managing their limited time. More important parts of the house first. Guest entertainment areas should always be given more attention followed by kitchen and then bathrooms. Your living room and lounge area should be wiped cleaned at all times. Just 10 minutes every day. Kitchen counters and bathroom counters to be Collin cleaned.

The guests don’t open all storage spaces to check cleanliness. They don’t even barge into your bedroom. They get impressed by the thoroughly cleaned living room, kitchen and bathroom.

If you learn the trick to create an illusion of clean sparkling house, you will always have visitors talking about your immaculate housekeeping. You can always clean every square inch of your home in your weekly or even monthly schedules.

Ms. Housekeeper

Ms. Housekeeper

Our contributor of impeccable knowledge on day to day house care with her quick and easy to implement suggestions. Her knowledge makes our life easy- multi fold. Get enriched with her best suggestions… follow her.


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