Windows with Bluw Curtains in Lounge

Windows play a vital role in the architecture as well designing of a house. Its need is felt for the functionality aspect of this element. It allows wonderful airflow and natural light into the home. The positioning of this element is kept in mind by the architect while designing the house. The layout plan takes care of the sunrise and sunset directions. An airy and well lit house is a perfect example of great architecture and wonderful living.

Bedroom Windows Window & Curtains in Kids Room


Once the architects’ job is done, it is you and/or your interior designer who has to look at making these windows work in your favor there by doing the perfect Interiors for a home. There are many tricks and ideas which can work to transform a window of opportunity even when they are posing a design predicament…

Window with House Plants Windows in Home Office


Living Room Windows

I would be really jealous of a friend who has large French windows or more so French door in her Living Room. Play around these enviable architectural element by leaving some walk around distance between them and your furniture. If your French door opens into the living room, you can place one or two furniture pieces making it a small seating area. If the place is less for seating, try a console table with few accent pieces on it. Make sure to leave enough room to open and close the door.

To showcase a French window or a bay window; make good use of the space by placing a sofa table between your sofa or sectional and window. This also provides a pretty place to display your collection of accents. Just be sure to leave enough room behind the table so you can easily close the blinds or drapes.

Windows with Candles

Bedroom Windows

A wall of windows presents an airy room for a blissful sleep. If you wish to be creative and place these windows as a backdrop to your bed, go ahead and do it. For your window treatments, choose floor-skimming curtains or drapes on either end that will frame the bed magnificently. Be sure you leave enough space between your headboard and window so curtains can be drawn at night.

If your bed runs parallel to this window, take benefit of the extra space underneath the window by using a bench or two-seater sofa, to create a cozy seating area. No worries if the bench you choose isn’t as wide as the window—simply draw the curtains in to the width of your bench/ sofa to create visual balance.

For our urbanites with loft-style front bedrooms, we recommend positioning your bed in front of your sky-high windows. This will ensure the morning sun, stays out of your eyes while filling in some of that empty vertical space.

Dining Room Windows

It’s essential to leave adequate gap behind your dining chairs, so you can slip out from under the table effortlessly. A dining room featuring French doors requires additional space on the side they’re on (36 inches is ideal) to create a walkway. Centering your table in front of the doors will create symmetry and help maximize your view outdoors elongating the space too.

Establish an alfresco feel during these months of fall, by positioning your dining table set adjoining your windows. You and your family will love feeling the breeze as you eat. Just remember, the same rule of leaving a border between the windows and the table for the comfortable movements around the table.

In a formal dining room, always dress your windows to amaze! Long, Floor-length curtains help elongate the look of the windows while heightening the drama. It adds the majestic design element to the overall interiors of the home.

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