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One day you may start walking around your house, wondering why the rooms feel so simple. Well at the same time, these walls also gives your home a dull look. Before we start thinking to call some rubbish removal companies for furniture clearance to redo the rooms, you may ask yourself one simple question: how plain are the walls? Of course, they should not be cluttered with decorations, but completely plain walls leave the feeling of emptiness in the room and, consequently, the house you live in.

There are many decor theme which you may adopt to reinforce life in your house. This may range from your personal taste towards ultra-contemporary to even Country Decor theme. The decor theme are plenty, you need to think which styles suits your home and life style of its family members. This time, we have curated a theme which is liked by one and many.

The Mid Century

As the name suggests, mid-century ranges the decor theme which was quite prevalent in 1950-1960s. The decor theme provides you with many options where you don’t need to harp upon heavy furniture with lot of classic paintings. There are so many elements which we can adopt from that era and inject a breath of fresh air in our home decoration. Let’s discuss few elements in this article.

Wall Posters

Modern art requires to be in touch with current events and times. You can make the life you add to your walls the life of the mid- century with a variety of posters. The options can leave you speechless when browsing them if you do not already have an idea of what you want hung up on the walls. Movie posters, theatre posters, motivational posters, modern photographs, abstract photo art – whatever comes to your mind when you think modernist galleries or cinema art could be that new look your walls need.

5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Accents1 5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Accents2


Wall Art

Wall Art a great help and could add lot of statement to your wall decor. The options are timeless and limitless. You can spend hours upon hours of picking schemes and styles for your rooms. You can use bigger versions of modern paintings for a classical feel, or hang pure colours on the walls for different moods. You can pick the mesh of colours that is the pop art, or any of the other numerous patterns that contemporary artists can give you. Or you can hand-make yourself wall art decorations using items that would have gone to the waste disposal pile.

Timepieces & Clocks

If colours and paintings are not what you are looking for, then turn your attention to the more mechanical part of life. Bring motion and the feeling of time in your room by adding a few clocks here and there. There is a huge variety of clocks you can pick from – from the spiky Eastern modern art to the New Age shiny and oval forms. Or even add clocks with sport motifs, your options are just as plentiful as with paintings and posters. With the ticking you will bring the notion of motion into your home.

5 Essential Mid-Century Modern Decor Accents5Vignettes & Monographs

If the rest cannot keep your attention, then why not install a few shelves here and there and spread different kinds of art which you cannot hang from the walls? Statuettes, trophies, photos, candles, and sculptures can all serve the purpose of adorning your walls if you have somewhere to place them. Make use of anything your imagination can come up with, and you can even save yourself a job of junk removal if you find a new purpose for some of the extra clutter in your cellar while on a basement junk removal job.

Lamps & Lights

And when all else fails, then literally rely on light to be the light of hope for your walls. The types of lamps which can decorate your walls are no less numerous and can serve you just as the rest of the ornaments you can come up with.

The mid-century interior theme is full of options for you. All you need to do is sit and think, what’s more pleasing for your eyes. And once done, you would surely fall in love with your home decoration again and again.

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