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If you are one of the very lucky ones who have a big bedroom with lot of square footage, I will tell you ways to make it a master suite with just the right kind of furniture, accent pieces and wall paints and coverings, rugs and carpets.

Your bedroom is just the right area but looks like a barren playground or worst yet a dormitory; it’s time to do some serious decor renovation. The decor interiors of such a bedroom have to be upscale and luxurious; at the same time comfortable and delightful.

Bedroom Decor with Chandelier Bedroom with Rugs


Bedroom Furniture that fits the design is the way to start. The decoration of the bedroom has to be such that it compliments the super size. This is an area you can change once in a while and indulge in it. There are rules for doing this and they must be followed in the right order.

When you have a big room, live king size. The big bedroom needs to have big furniture. Start from this furniture piece. The bed is going to occupy a large space and is going to do lot of talking on the décor aspect. This piece has to reflect opulence and style. Don’t even think of a small bed as it will look like a Lego piece in the room.

Bedroom Wall Art

Vertical pieces like poster beds and armoires draw your eyes up and bring a large, looming space back down to a human scale. Rich, dark finishes are also a great option since they won’t reflect as much light, which can make an already large room seem even bigger. Poster beds always add grandeur to a room decor.

Windows can be an opulence factor if decorated and managed properly. A wall of windows in the room can do all the drama. Some might recommend it as a backdrop but I personally never do. I don’t want to be bothered with too much light on my face early morning. These big French windows need to be dressed up to make an impact. A white or crème colored sheer curtains with a little heavy but not a very dark colored drapery can make a different yet appealing impact. If your bed is dark in color don’t have very dark curtains. Make it a shade or two lighter.

One of the greatest advantages of having an oversized bedroom is the freedom it gives you when arranging your furniture. Your furniture need not be stationed along the wall only. They can take the liberty to float away from the wall. It will additionally fill up the somewhat empty space. However if you are the conservative kinds not wanting to have furniture floating, add carpets and rugs to fill space. Carpets are beautiful addition to a bedroom with large space. Evergreen Persian carpets are my favorite.

Embracing a style quotient by adding a sitting lounge in the bedroom is a spectacular idea. It’s not just a relaxation zone but also a place to sip a cup of coffee with a newspaper in cozy winter mornings. You can have two comfy chairs to curl up in with a coffee table or simply a stylish chaise lounge. Big chair with an ottoman is an old but vintage way of doing this sitting area.

Finally the walls! Once you have done the room with these exceptional furniture pieces, the walls need to be simple yet classy. Lighter shades on the walls will balance the heavy items on the floor. If you still want to add an element on the wall, you may opt for one wall-papered wall with an oversized decorative mirror. You can also have a collage of wall arts bought from your holiday trips in Italy.

The luxury of a big bedroom done in a stunning décor will make you feel like a queen every night.

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