Title - Baglietto Yachts Living Room Interiors

Welcome to the second part of the series’ “5 Most Appreciable Yachts to be seen in Cannes Yachting Festival 2015”

46mmy_interno_18 Baglietto Yachts Console Table


Baglietto Yachts Only One Exterior Baglietto Yachts  Exterior Rear Views


In this part, we would be showcasing the luxurious Rich Interiors of “Only One” from the house of Baglietto Yachts, Italy. Baglietto Yachts’ rich history spans over 160 years now. Baglietto’s history is legendary. Which started way back in 1854 in Varazze. Mr. Pietro Baglietto started this boat making business right from his vegetable garden, barely few hundred meters away from sea shore. Later he introduced yachts.

Until about 1890s, Baglietto shipyard was in the town of Varazze only which later shifted to Seashore. And soon Baglietto boats became very fashionable among all sailing enthusiasts.

Baglietto Yachts Only One Baglietto Yachts Only One Bedroom Glass Work on Walls


Baglietto Yachts Only One Bedroom Wall Decor Baglietto Only One Bedroom


The first racing boat built by Baglietto was The Cutter Rosy which was about 7.50 m. long, and it was followed by Barchetta. Later Miss Mary, a famous yacht modified by Baglietto, became a regatta champion. It was the beginning of a long winning career in the worldwide competition sailing world.

Baglietto Yachts Only One Sideboard Baglietto Yachts Sofas in Lounge


Baglietto Yachts Art Works Baglietto Yachts Book Shelf


Since then, there has not been any looking back…..

So let’s see what this new sea beast has to offer to its privileged owners. This stunning 150-foot superyacht named Only One have been designed by Francesco Paszkowski. Only One, is built of steel and aluminum and is defined by classic lines and capable of achieving moderate (12-to 17-knots) speeds.

You can see these pictures which defines the ultra-luxury feel to its owners, made entirely of first class wood carvings with midas touch of gold. Guests have comfortable bedroom with lounge to enjoy the drinks and wide dining area for elaborate lunches and dinners. Most of the guest areas have been lined with rugs which provides chic appeal to its interiors and bring lot of warmth. You may see and imagine the life through these rooms and lounges which are available to only discerning few.

If you want to catch the glimpses of these interiors in person, do head for Cannes Yachting Festival, starting from second week of September 2015.

You never know you may be in for greater surprise and get a test ride…so stay tuned for some more luxury floating rides, we would be getting their spell binding interiors for you.

Baglietto Yachts Living Room Lounge Baglietto Yachts Only One Bathroom


Baglietto Yachts Dining Corner Baglietto Yachts Dining Table


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