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Experts say that first impressions count when it comes to Selling Your Home. You want a prospect to walk through the front door and think “Wow!” If you can make your house stand out above the competition in any way, you have a far better chance of selling your home.

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However, paying out large sums of money for re-decoration or re-building is not always the best policy. It’s an automatic reaction when you’re about to sell your home, to make it as presentable and homely as possible. This, in turn, makes many home sellers totally revamp the way their property looks.

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I think one thing that you should take into consideration is whether you can guarantee that the changes you make to your property will please every potential buyer. The answer is of course – NO! So rather than paying out for a new color scheme for every room, why not just touch up what needs doing. If there are any minor repairs or spots that need repainting, your time and money are better served concentrating on these.

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Another expense that homeowners seem to be paying for in a bid to sell their home is to install a new bathroom or kitchen. It’s true that these 2 rooms are the most likely to win or lose you a sale. However, don’t wrongly believe that splashing out $10,000 on a new kitchen will increase your property’s value by the same amount…because it won’t. Once again, look to touch up or replace old worn cupboards. Perhaps some simple grouting or re-tiling may be required.

CAUTION: Now I need you to pay extremely close attention to this next part.

If you don’t take some positive action today, you face the prospect of leaving your property unsold for months or even years. If you need to sell your house real quick check the following:

  • No new paint required; only touch ups can do- Do the touch ups only. However, if you think the condition is really bad, only then paint. It’s a huge expense, think wisely.
  • Check if all door knobs and handles are working fine. Don’t change them unnecessarily. Get the carpenter to fix them.
  • If the appliances in kitchen are fine and the cupboards are also looking great, change the wall tiles only. It’s a relatively small expensive in comparison to doing the whole kitchen again.
  • Similarly, in bathrooms check if all plumbing lines are working. All the faucets and appliances are in good condition. If everything is fine but still the bathroom looks old, may be the tiles need to be replaced.
  • You have to stick to a budget when you remodel a house for the purpose of sale. In the absence of budget, you can end up spending more than you can afford to claim. interior design idea

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Humming Bird

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