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When you move into your first home, you are taking a big step into commitment and the responsibilities of adulthood. You achieve a new freedom, and at the same time you also acquire new financial burdens. When you start decorating your new home, you are starting from scratch. Here are some easy tips for achieving a style for your first home which will last for many years.


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One of the best ideas to start off with is to look through some eMagazine , get some good ideas and saving any pictures that appeal to you. Keep a folder of things that inspire you. Even if a concept is too expensive or extravagant, you can take the idea and scale it down to suit. Particularly look for ideas with the types of accessories, curtains, rugs, furniture and paint colors that you really like.

When you have got some ideas, start with one piece that you really love. One great piece to start with, especially for those new to decorating, is an area rug. First measure the room and work out the size of rug you need. Then find one in a design which goes with the styles you picked out from the magazines. It doesn’t have to be neutral in color or traditional in style. You could choose interesting print or bold colors. Be careful to get a high quality rug which is also soft, and one which is durable enough to last for a number of years.

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The next thing to choose is paint colors. Go for a color which complements the rug, bearing in mind that a light color will make the room appear larger, whereas dark colors reduce its apparent size. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use the bold and daring color you love just because your room is small. Try painting just one wall in that color, and the others in a neutral color which complements it.

When you arrange your furniture in a room, try to do so in order to maximize floor space. Don’t put too much furniture in, or it will look crowded. Choose pieces which can serve different purposes and which will stand the test of time. Great ideas, for example, are couches with storage space under them, and storage ottomans.

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Lastly some art to hang on the walls. Choose wall hangings in colors which coordinate with those in the rug, and colors which provide accent. Accent colors can also be picked up in accessories, for example picture frames, pillows and candles. To make the place feel like home you should add some photos of family and friends, too. Soft textures should be added, in the form of plush area rugs, snug blankets and window furnishings.

These simple decorating ideas will help you to make your new house feel just like the home you always wanted. You can develop those new responsibilities of adulthood in your newly decorated space, and what a great space for a party!

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