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As women, we try our best to take control of our lives by planning all significant events of our existence. We manage some and miss few. However, the birth of your angel is something you don’t want to compromise on. After all you have been taking care of home, office, your partner and of course yourself brilliantly throughout the nine months. These last few days just before the childbirth have to be planned vividly and then, you can have blissful motherhood days ahead. I have asked many new moms for their advice on how, what and when to prepare just before the baby birth. Here is what they shared:

Bedroom & Working Desk Dining Table & Working Desk


Kitchen with Fridge & Dining Table Have Your House Cleaned

All the moms I asked, said they wished they had their house cleaned before the baby’s arrival. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to a nice clean space. Yes it is very difficult to do it yourself in that condition so ask for help. Of course, paying for a cleaning service can be expensive. Involve family, friends and your partner to do the thorough cleaning. Instruct them and do not exert yourself. It will take off so much stress from your head when you come back home.

Prepare Food in Your Lovely Kitchen

Cooking a meal will likely be the last thing you have time for in the early newborn days. Plan ahead and stock the freezer with delicious, nutritious stuff. Some high-achieving moms-to-be bake and freeze casseroles and lasagnas, so they have easy-to-warm meals for those hectic first weeks with baby. But if you’re busy enough already, I think its okay to just update your collection of menus from restaurants that deliver. Atleast your partner can order if not in a mood to cook.

It’s a great idea to do stockpile meals. Make and freeze lots of dinners before the baby arrives. The slow cooker is your best friend in this. Pre-chop ingredients and store them in the freezer in gallon bags that you can toss into the slow cooker once you have the baby at home.

You may also want to fill the kitchen and fridge with convenient snacks like yogurt, cheese sticks, milk, fruits, crackers, and granola bars. You’ll want snacks, and you may not always have time or energy for a full meal.

Get a Crib and Set up the Nursery

Every baby needs to have a comforting place to sleep. Purchase and set up the crib completely and follow the instructions of your mom in setting up a safe and gorgeous nursery before baby moves in. The nursery for baby will not just have crib and beddings but will include baby toiletries, napkins, diapers, wet tissues, sheets, blankets, baby rash cream, etc.

Living Room Wall Decor Poster for Kids Pack Your Hospital Bag

Make sure you have all the essentials before you head to the hospital. Check out the packing list given by your hospital nurse and set them well in advance.

Select Birth Announcements

While you’re waiting for the baby to arrive, decide with your partner how you will announce the baby’s arrival to the world. You may design a photograph card in advance and save it as a draft and enter the contact info of the people you wish to send them to. Then you can quickly plug in the delivery details and a photo after baby arrives—this is so quick that the cards can be mailed out before you even leave for your home.

Wash Crib Sheets and Baby Clothes

It’s definitely a good idea to wash swaddles, crib sheets, blankets and any other items that will come in contact with her skin. While you don’t need to pre-wash everything in her dresser just yet, it’s good to prepare at least a week’s worth of clothing so it’s one less thing to worry about when you come back. Wash items separately using a gentle detergent, that’s free of dyes or perfumes.

All Important Numbers on Fridge

The doctor for your baby has to be found in advance and his contact details should be stuck up the fridge. You are going to need him very regularly. In addition to this you must have all important phone numbers you may need in case of emergency on the fridge. It will be easy for your partner and kids to refer to them while you are away.

Living Room Open Storage


Install the Car Seat

Car seat is very essential and you will require it immediately. Follow instructions to install it well in advance.

Get Organized

This is the only time you will get to organise the cupboards for yourself and your partner. Seek help of your partner and organise his cupboard first. He needs to know the exact place of his essentials. Then, do it for yourself. All essential wear have to be ironed and placed in front, so that it is easily accessible.

Use your nesting instinct to set up files (for bill paying, recipes, or whatever else could use organization), clean storage areas. If you have been operating an office from home, organise all your papers in files so that your work does not suffer while you are away on maternity leave. After the baby is born you might not be organized for a very long time.

Indulge in a Little Pampering

Post-childbirth “pampering” may mean a five-minute shower during your baby’s catnap. So get your real pampering in before the time approaches. There are so many moms who wished they had got a massage or spa treatment before baby arrived. Indulge… home design ideas

Have Some Fun

Don’t worry, moms do get to enjoy parties and girls’ night outs … eventually. During those first few newborn months?? Not so much. So have your fun while you can. And arrange a date night or two – it may be your last chance for a date for little while. You and your partner need to spend more quality time now.

Blissful and heavenly as this time is…. Your organisational skills can make them wonderful memories for the rest of your life.

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