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It is easy to get carried away when following a specific decorating scheme. For those of you who yearn for the fresh sea air, a clean nautical theme can be used to spruce up any room in your house. Note: we said any room. Attempting to decorate an entire home in a nautical theme should be illegal unless that ‘home’ is a tiny seaside hideaway.

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We usually find that bathrooms are selected to be smothered in this design scheme as they are the rooms that we splash about and get wet in. However, bathroom is such a tiny room to decorate and it attracts all kinds of tacky dead starfish soap dishes and light-house soap dispensers. It’s all very wrong; unless you’re just pleasing a small child.

For us adults, we can bring a more sophisticated version of this design scheme to our living room or study by using more subtle references to the great outdoors. We simply have to look to nature for color references, our choice of materials and the imagery we use.

We have all enjoyed the brilliant eye-diverting shades of blue we get on a clear sunny day at the seaside. These bold, bright shades are great to use as highlights for your home accessories. They should not form the key tones you dress the room with. When choosing your wall colors, think of the slightly moodier skies you see at the beach, and consider muted shades of blue, grey, and even brilliant white to use as a back-drop.

Seaside living is all about being outside, running about getting sandy and wet. So, we typically see painted furniture with removable covers and painted floorboards that are easy to mop clean. If you aren’t living by the seaside and just want to use nautical tones, choose carpets and rugs in blue or beige, which are reminiscent of the sea and sand. Stripes are also popular for rugs.

The beach is brimming with shells, pebbles, sand and drift-wood and we suggest you just fill up a bucket and bring a bunch of this stuff home. Choose your home accessories carefully. You could ‘borrow’ a large unusual shaped stone from the beach and use it as a paper-weight but remember that if we all did that, there wouldn’t be anything beautiful left to look at. Most home accessory shops do sell pebbles and natural stone tea-light candle holders.

There are some fantastic silver lanterns available that are finished with thick rope handles that look like they previously lived on a ship. Or, you can even be creative and swap your drawer knobs for handmade rope pulls.

I have seen companies specialize in creating beautiful wall-lamps and mirrors from drift-wood. These are quirky and unique and are great conversation starters at dinner parties. Other great imagery for your wall art and ornaments include yachts and birds. If you really must include a fish or a light-house, then please do it subtly on a pretty embroidered cushion or lamp-shade, or on your church candle dishes.

As with nature, continue to evolve and add-to your nautical design scheme, as you find more pieces that inspire you….

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