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Putting up an attractive flower bed design is not an easy task; since it is usually difficult to know where to start from or where to end. Redesigning an existing flower bed garden or part of it is equally an uphill task to anyone who does not have an insight into flower bed designs. As much as designing of a flower bed design may be tricky, if one is given some tips on how to go about it, flower bed designs become very easy to undertake.

Having in mind the height order of your flowers plays a major role in arranging your flower bed design such that the tallest plants are at the back of the flower bed while the shorter ones are in the front to ensure that all plants get adequate sunshine. Blending of colors is also vital in flower bed designs to bring out that beautiful look. To ensure this, alternate cool colors with warm ones by having cool colored plants way forward followed by warm colors then cool colors again.

As a way of adding variety to your flower bed design, it is important to have perennial flowers to the back of the flower bed while annuals take the front place. This will allow you to change the annuals as necessary thus achieving variety. Bearing in mind individual plant requirements for example shade, sun and even space will enable one to come up with a good flower bed design thus ensuring good spacing during planting.

Knowing your flowers will also play a crucial part in getting that beautiful flower bed design. Some flowers do very well in areas lit by plenty of sunshine while others will thrive in shaded areas. By knowing which plant needs more sunshine than the other, you will be able to know where to plant each plant that you have. Type of soil will also affect the blossoming of your flowers. Understanding the flowers will also require going further ahead to know the type of soil required by the flowers you intend to plant. If you do not have a yard to establish your flower bed, you should not worry yourself as containers can also serve you. An outgrown flower garden can be a ghastly sight to look at. Therefore be sure to prune and propagate your flowers to maintain that beautiful look.

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Gardner

Green Green All Around…All the Greenery Year Around. That’s the motto of our most accomplished green garden contributor Mr. Gardner. His mind blowing knowledge on nature and maintenance of gardens is unparalleled in the whole world. Do follow him to get the best of your gardens& landscapes.


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