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If you want your home to look warm and inviting, you may want to consider Spanish Mission Style home decor. This decor usually consists of items made with wrought iron and wood. Mission Style decor can be achieved by simply adding items around your home like wall accessories, candles, lanterns, planters and so on. Adding Mission Style decor items to your home would provide your home with that rustic feel and old world style.

Dining Table Decor Flower Stand & Candle Stand


Here Are Some Things That You May Want To Use For The Mission Style Decor:

If you like plants, you may want to look at a scrollwork plant stand. Most can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be placed anywhere in your home or garden, just make sure that there’s enough light for your plants and that it is sturdy and safe enough to hold your plants. The lacy scroll design is what gives these plant stands their Mission Style feel.

Living Room Chandelier

If you want to keep up with time, a Spanish Mission wall clock would be just the thing for you. Most are made in an antique style, some of wood and others in metal or wrought iron. There are Spanish Mission wall clock on a cross that is reminiscent of the ones that are located in Spanish cathedrals. You can hunt for one of them. They are very classic.

To set off the elegance of the decor in your home, a Spanish mission candleholder would work very well as a part of this decor. One made of iron and lacy scrolls would add a warm Spanish Mission feel.

If you want to keep up with how you look; an ornate wall mirror could be what you need to complement the rest of the Mission Style decor. Again wrought iron and a scrollwork design will give you that old world style.

If you want to brighten up your mission style decor, you can use candle lanterns. A nice mystical candle lantern can add the oomph factor. These lanterns are unique, in that the light illuminates as a rainbow of colors. You can see it shine from within and it provides a shimmering touch to a home. On the outside, the borders are made of metal, along with hand wrought iron.

Dining Table Glassware & Cutlery Traditional Gold Framed Mirror & Side Table


Moroccan style star lantern is a great example of how you can add a warm glow to your homes decor. The beautiful colors that glow from this lantern are reminiscent of the Spanish Mission colors. This candle lantern is actually made in the style of the multi-pointed Moroccan star. Use this as an example when searching for the right lantern for your home.

Some people like a warm and peaceful atmosphere in their home. A weathered copper candle lantern with glass inserts can work just as well as metal or wrought iron to provide illumination of the warm feeling that you’re looking for.

A Mission Style decor is for people looking at a unique style with warm and alluring ambiance for their home……

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