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Instead of just throwing your old china plates away, use them to decorate different rooms of your house. One of the best ways to save money on decorating your home is by reusing items what you already have. Old china can look great when you use them creatively for the decor of your home.

Make a Mosaic Table from Old China Plates

If you have old plates that are chipped or broken, you don’t have to toss them in the garbage. Instead break them up even more and use them to make a mosaic table from the pieces of the old china plates.

  • Simply break the pieces of the china into smaller pieces.
  • Then take the pieces and arrange them on a table with a flat surface such as a coffee table or side table.
  • Glue the pieces of the plates onto the surface of the table making a mosaic pattern.
  • Use grout to seal the pieces in place and give the table a finished appearance.
  • You can arrange the pieces in whatever pattern you like and even use colored grout to give the table some more character.

Display Old China Plates on a Shelf

If your old plates have some character to them, then why not display them on a shelf? China can be used as wall décor in more than just the dining room. You can display the plates in the living room, kitchen, or even a bedroom if they fit the style of the room.

Try to use a shelf that matches the style of the plates. For example, if the plates are old and look antique, use a distressed wood shelf to match the plates. Use all different sizes of the plates to give the area a unique style.

Hang Old China Plates on the Wall

You can find plate hangers at craft and home stores that will easily hang any plate securely on the wall. Although this is a very popular way of decorating with china plates, you can make your home unique by using all different types and sizes of plates in a single area. If you have to, check out consignment shops and flea markets for other plates that will match your old china to create a trendy décor space.

Paint the Old China Plates

If you have old plates that are a solid color, especially if they are all white, you can paint the plates before you use them to decorate a room. Use acrylic paint and you can paint them all one color or if you are creative you can paint pictures or patterns on them. You can paint the plates to match the decor of your dining room or kitchen and then hang them on the wall or shelf. This is a great way to use old china plates to get a new look from a room. You can even have your kids paint the plates and hang them in their room for them to have as a cute art project.

Next time you decide to buy new china plates, don’t throw your old ones away. Instead save some money and use them to decorate your home.

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