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You may have grown up in a home that was decorated in traditional or ethnic style, or you may just appreciate the subtle elegance, ease and classiness that traditional decor creates. Many people mistakenly believe that a house can only be decorated in traditional style with costly antiques, family heirlooms or when you are living in a heritage-listed building. But this is not the case. Achieving any style-traditional included-is as simple as creating a continuity between the furniture, its layout and the other aspects of interior decor. Whether you’re considering new tiles for your loving room, a coat of paint or changing up the curtains, keeping with the theme will make sure you achieve your interior design goals. Here are some suggestions on getting that much-coveted traditional style home decor:

Bedroom Decor



So, What Is Traditional Style?

Traditional-style decor is that elegant, intricately-made furniture and layout that makes you think of an old English House like Downton Abbey Series Home. Think gold gilding, curly chair-back designs and plush velvet couches. Think dark mahogany, carved table-stands and four-poster beds. Colours are rich without being garish; here, wood and brass play a big part.

The Room Itself

Before you begin buying and collecting furniture, think of the room as a blank canvas ready for you to put the traditional touch on it with items like paint, carpets and curtains. If you’re considering wall color, remember that mustards, deep reds and purples are all very traditional colours. Now a days many paint companies such as Asian paints has vide collection of traditional color motifs. Traditional rooms are usually slightly darker, so you can afford to go with bold colours, although try not to make the room look too small! Another way you could dress the walls is antique finish or patterned wallpaper. Wallpaper seems to have come in and out of vogue over the past century, but a feature wall in maroon and gold will really set the tone adequately! As for your floors, this will come down to whether you have carpet, tiles, marble or bare wooden floors. Bare floors are ideal as they enable you to choose opulent rugs and carpets to put down, but if you already have carpet don’t fret; you can either embellish the carpet with a rug on top, or you may think about working with the existing carpet theme, if it’s a rich color. It may just work as it is! Curtains should be thick and rich and instead of keeping these fully-drawn you should loop tassels at the wall and pull them back only at their mid-points, so as to retain the dreamy, romantic and cozy feel of the room.

Children Room

Dining Table


Furnish-Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Make no mistake – traditional furniture can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways you can get a hold of traditional furnishings at reasonable prices. One way is to look for replicas. Many furniture manufacturers make new furniture in an old-world style to meet demand for this kind of theme. An option is to try online first or look out for some old items markets which offer such furniture. In these markets, don’t bother much about the fabric. Just concentrate on getting a good carved piece. You can always replace the fabric with the one of your liking and as per the theme.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve furnished your house in a traditional style, you’ll notice you’re drawn to traditional items everywhere you go. Slowly but surely you can build up your collection of vintage crockery, paintings, prints and other collectibles! There’s also no reason why you can’t extend this type of decor to the outside of your home. Why not think about a wrought- iron railing on your balcony, or some elegant sandstone pavers and a statue, which your friends would be envious of? Before you know it your house will be a traditional masterpiece, inside and out. interior designing ideas

Kitchen Decor

Lounge Area


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