Title - IKEA Dining Table

The dining room by nature is a simple space. Unlike a kitchen or living room, which often has multiple purposes, your dining room is solely about eating and entertaining. Even though you might not use it that frequently, it’s great to have during those big family get-togethers or your child’s birthday party. By adding a large table, plenty of chairs and a bar cart, you can easily turn it into an entertaining spot of the house — with the right party decorations, of course.

IKEA Dining Room Set

Since it’s so simple, a dining room is often hard to decorate and renovate. As the focal point of the room, your dining set should be your biggest piece of investment. Take time to consider what size and style works best for your house, and don’t be afraid to spend little more — a good dining table can last you decades or even more. Once you have a table finalised, find ways to add some storage for all that extra dinnerware. And don’t forget about the decor! Using fun colors and interesting accessories is an easy way to add personality in a room that can easily become a talking point.

How Large Should My Dining Room Table Be?

Home Decor and usability together should guide purchases regarding big furniture items. As you decide what table to purchase, think about how big your family is and how often you entertain and number of people usually attends. If all your family lives nearby, a larger dining table would be a worthy investment. On the other hand, if family doesn’t visit that often, an oversized table might not get much use. If you prefer to have options, purchase one with a table leaf so you can accommodate guests but still have a smaller table for more intimate gatherings. Whatever the size, be sure it fits the space. Measure the table and think about chair movement to ensure that everyone at the table can get in and out without much effort.

Adding Storage to My Dining Room

To save space in your kitchen, try transitioning some of your formal or seasonal dishes to the dining room. A china cabinet is a great way to store and showcase your dishes, or add a buffet table and use the countertop space to display food during a party. For your adult beverages, buy a rolling bar cart for alcohol bottles and barware, or opt for a more permanent solution by installing a fully stocked wet bar.

IKEA Dining Room Display CabinetInteriors of My Dining Room

This is one room where you can really add some color. Try red or blue walls for an elegant look, or go more contemporary with black or gray. The wall colour has to be chosen depending on the size of the wall and the room. Spend on a chandelier or lighting piece, and include a large mirror to reflect more light throughout the room since this is the most formal room in the house, find some good quality, inspirational artwork to showcase as well, but be sure that everything supports your overall theme or style of house. And finally, don’t forget about the table. A fun seasonal centrepiece, table runner or table settings can easily liven up the space. Interior Designing Ideas


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